2 pros, 2 cons of Cleveland Cavaliers trading for De'Andre Hunter

Cleveland Cavaliers v Atlanta Hawks
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Pro No. 1 - Versatility and size

As aforementioned, Hunter's 6-foot 8-inches size and proven shooting prowess makes him immediately impactful in the nightly rotation. Over their last 15 games, the Cavs have led the league in three-point attempts at 42.8 per game. Still, they only rank fifteenth in the Association in three-point conversation rate at 36.6 percent in that same timeframe.

Cleveland's breakout player of the year, Sam Merrill, is currently the only member of the franchise with an above-average three-point percentage this season. While at a lower volume per game, Hunter's 40.1 percent from deep would be the best on the Cavaliers. Hunter can also play either forward position, bringing more shooting into Cleveland's frontcourt rotation.

Cavs head coach J.B. Bickerstaff has implemented a vastly new rotation since the injuries that befell Darius Garland and Evan Mobley, reaching deep into his bench every night. In close matchups late into the fourth quarter, Bickerstaff has repeatedly interchanged Isaac Okoro and Sam Merrill, playing Okoro for his defense and Merrill for his shooting. In theory, Hunter is a tall combination of both players.

Hunter is not a perfect defender or unstoppable threat from deep, but he has all the skills to make an impact on both ends of the court if he buys into Bickerstaff's defense-first system. Once Garland and Mobley return, possibly within the coming weeks for both, there will not be enough minutes in regulation to continue utilizing the best of every role player on Cleveland's bench that have contributed over this stretch. Hunter would be a consolidation move, giving the Cavs a little bit of everything for the latter half of the regular season marathon.

In a package centered around Okoro and Georges Niang, Hunter would be a combination of what both players bring as specialists. Hunter has never been the defender that Okoro has been, but he has never played for a defensive-minded coach in Atlanta. Bickerstaff's reputation in the NBA is nothing if not a coach who can unlock the best of his players on defense.