2 last-minute trade proposals for Cleveland Cavaliers to consider before deadline

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Making amends and building bridges

Olynyk to Cleveland????

This trade is the more interesting (and contentious) of the two. During the Cavs' hot streak, Dean Wade was an integral part; however, Wade has battled inconsistency throughout his career and was a negative asset in the playoff downfall to the New York Knicks. Wade was not shooting the ball well, making him almost unplayable. His defense was not good enough to keep him on the court. 

Trading Wade for Kelly Olynyk is something the Cavs should consider. While the Cavs fan base may not love this move, Olynyk is one of the best stretch bigs in the NBA. He is shooting 43 percent from downtown this year and has 47 games of playoff experience. While he only shoots 35 percent from three in his postseason career, he would get better-quality looks playing next to Garland and Mitchell.

Regardless of his past transgressions with the Cavaliers, Olynyk fits in perfectly with Cleveland's new playstyle. He gives the team a much-needed floor spacer in the frontcourt, and whenever Allen or Mobley needs a rest, he can step right in and keep the offense flowing. Olynyk does have some defensive shortcomings, but the Cavs' defensive scheme is good enough to hide him on that end. He would also be playing next to Mobley or Allen most of the time. 

In Wade, the Jazz get a young defensive-minded forward that can improve the team’s defense and give them a bit more frontcourt depth. This is a win-win for both sides.

The bottom line is that the Cavs do not need to make a huge move at the deadline but just need to improve around the edges to gain a top seed in the Eastern Conference for a better chance at a deep postseason run.

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