2 Cavaliers who are untouchable, 2 who are expendable this summer

Cleveland Cavaliers v Chicago Bulls
Cleveland Cavaliers v Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Though the Cleveland Cavaliers have had a truly terrific season through all their adversities, their slump since the All-Star break is showing some weaknesses in the final stretch before playoff action.

The Cavaliers cannot rediscover their stride since the festivities, and Donovan Mitchell's recurring absence has certainly not helped. With 22 games left this season, Cleveland has the tenth-strongest remaining schedule. Every game will be a test of their fortitude, with or without their star player leading the way.

While the Cavs would ultimately love to find themselves in the NBA Finals, the team has one clear goal this postseason: make it out of the first round. No team's reputation took a harder blow than Cleveland's after the first round of the playoffs last year. They were manhandled by a non-contender New York Knicks in just five games. After adding new talent in free agency and growing their internal talent, the Cavs should enter these playoffs with a much better chance for success. If they still squander their opportunities, the team will be under pressure for some major changes.

The postseason will be each player's proving grounds, but their regular season performances are still noteworthy in considering their future with the organization. Sitting toward the top of the Eastern Conference helps everyone's case to keep their spot, but anything can change with one phone call from an interested suitor. These are the Cavaliers who have become untouchable this season and those who have gone the other direction.

Jarrett Allen should be untouchable on the Cavaliers

Out of everyone in Cleveland, Jarrett Allen has shown the best on-court connection with Donovan Mitchell. Everything the team has done this season is in an effort to keep Mitchell long-term. While Allen's name flew throughout the rumor mill all last summer and this trade season, giving him up after a career year would prove regrettable for the Cavs.

Allen is averaging 15.7 points and 10.5 rebounds alongside 1.1 blocks per game. The Texas big man has become the team's defensive leader, guiding the rotations and calling out assignments. He has been instrumental in the Cavaliers' claiming the second-best defensive rating in the Association. As the playoffs approach, the Cavs need everything Allen can provide. He might have struggled last year, but his mental growth has been clearly noticeable.

While the fit between Allen and Evan Mobley can still be questionable when Mobley is not hitting three-pointers, the Cavaliers' depth has allowed head coach J.B. Bickerstaff to stagger their minutes when necessary without too much hardship befalling the team. Additionally, both Allen and Mobley are still young and not yet in their prime years. Given Mobley's development as a willing shooter, there should be no urgency from Cleveland to split the duo right now.