2 Cavaliers who are expendable, 3 they can't afford to trade

Jarrett Allen, Cleveland Cavaliers
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No. 4: Craig Porter Jr. can't be traded

Strangely enough, the player who now seems more indispensable than Isaac Okoro is undrafted rookie point guard Craig Porter Jr., who has stepped into the rotation amidst the slew of injuries and risen tremendously to the occasion. The Cavaliers appear to have found themselves a hidden gem.

In his last four games, Porter Jr. has averaged 26 minutes per game as he has stepped up in the absence of Okoro, Ty Jerome, Donovan Mitchell and sometimes Caris LeVert. That includes 21 big points against the Denver Nuggets, or 12 points and nine assists against just one turnover in an overtime win over the Philadelphia 76ers (Porter finished +21 in a three-point win).

The Cavaliers don't know if and when Ricky Rubio is returning (or at least, that knowledge has not found its way to the public) and Ty Jerome is both out with a severely sprained ankle and largely unproven, with this core and overall for his career. Craig Porter Jr. has already had two games just as impressive as any game of Jerome's career, and Porter is an undrafted rookie in his first month of action.

Porter's ability to play backup point guard but still make plays off-ball makes him an excellent fit alongside Darius Garland and Mitchell. On the opposite end, Porter is a positive defender and rebounder, and has even gotten up for five blocks. Among all players 6'2" or shorter in the NBA this season (min 100 minutes), Porter's block percentage of 2.8 percent ranks first.

It's possible that another team is completely bought into Porter's value, offering a lucrative trade asset for him, but that's unlikely. He has had an impressive couple of weeks but is still just an inexperienced, undrafted, small guard. Yet his impact thus far has been tremendous, and the Cavaliers need to avoid throwing him into another deal and allowing him to develop into their long-term backup point guard.