2 adjustments Cleveland Cavaliers should make ahead of Game Three against the Magic

Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Two
Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Two / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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2. Cleveland should run their offense through the frontcourt

Both of the Cavaliers' big men recorded career highs in assists this season, accepting larger roles in the offense as playmakers and leaders. Typically, the Cavs have found value in dribble hand-off actions or off-ball action with a big facilitating from the elbow. They ended the year with the fifth-highest frequency of DHO actions but a slightly below-average efficiency. When Evan Mobley was sidelined over December and January, the Cavaliers elevated their offense by executing DHO's well and trusting in Allen to facilitate while Mitchell and company ran off-ball sets for an open jumper.

Their DHO plays are not their bread and butter, but forcing the Magic to respect every player as a playmaking threat early in the game will open up Cleveland's more reliable options.

Once the Cavs establish a dynamic offense through their frontcourt's improved passing, it will open up greater success in the team's beloved screens into a drop-off to screener on a short roll. Allen has especially found tremendous success in the short roll, thriving alongside Max Strus' crafty bounce passes into the lane. The more time that the Magic have to worry about the various options the bigs can take with the ball in their hands, the more often the Cavaliers can feast on their favorite methods of attack.

Cleveland ranked eleventh highest in P&R percentile for the roll man this season with 8.3 points per game. The Cavs' offense is not as fluid and efficient as some of their offensive-minded rivals, but they know their best sets and find the most value out of them when they diversify the rest of their approach.

The Orlando Magic are pesky defenders, rarely surrendering an open look from anywhere on the court. They allowed the fourth-least three-pointers made per game in the regular season and the eleventh-worst percentage from deep. The Cavaliers have shot below league average from the arc in both games and have yet to find a path to open up the perimeter more. By giving Mobley and Allen more responsibility to run the offense, Mitchell can avoid a trap or double team as he finds an open opportunity.

Ultimately, the Cleveland Cavaliers must enter Game Three with the same determination and confidence that they had in the first two. If they can execute at a high level and push the Magic to their limit once again, they will have no problem leaving Florida ready for the second round.