How the Cleveland Cavaliers stack up in the East after Week 3

Caris LeVert, Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Caris LeVert, Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Cavaliers
Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors and Caris LeVert, Cleveland Cavaliers. Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images /

Crowley’s Crown No.1 – Caris LeVert shines on the coast for Cavaliers

Last year, Caris LeVert spent the majority of his time with Cleveland finding his spot on the team. In his 74 appearances, the Columbus native started 30 times. The fluctuating expectations for LeVert forced him into a combination of great highs and disappointing lows.

Thus far, LeVert has had a much more stabilized role as a second unit leader and reliable 3-and-D wing. In week three, LeVert averaged 25.5 points and 5 rebounds on 15-of-32 from the field. He was the leading scorer on the Cavs both games, leading the charge as Mitchell and Garland return to form as a backcourt duo following Garland’s early injury. On the defensive end, LeVert forces his matchup into mistakes and hunts the passing lanes, turning active defense into instant offense.

LeVert has never been and will never be an entirely consistent producer, but he has been reliable thus far and deserves due respect. Without LeVert’s output, the Cavaliers’ season would likely be even further below expectations than they are now.