2 trade targets, 1 free agent alternative to P.J. Washington for Cavaliers

JaMychal Green, Golden State Warriors. (Photo by Kavin Mistry/Getty Images)
JaMychal Green, Golden State Warriors. (Photo by Kavin Mistry/Getty Images) /
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JaMychal Green, Golden State Warriors. Photo by Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images /

JaMychal Green would fit in with the Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers should look at Golden State’s power forward Green. Not Draymond, but JaMychal Green. The 33-year-old veteran made a name for himself in the Bay after providing the Warriors with a dynamic, unrelenting effort all season and Playoffs.

Last season, Green averaged 6.4 points and 3.6 rebounds in 14 minutes per game. While his stats are not breathtaking, he gave the Warriors another consistent option off the bench. In Cleveland, Green would surely become a fan favorite for his willingness to do whatever it takes.

Over his nine seasons, Green has connected on 36.8 percent of his long-range attempts. He is not a volume shooter, only attempting 1.9 3-pointers per game last season, but he is nonetheless another long-range threat that could improve Cleveland’s frontcourt.

In the whirlwind of talent swapping teams this summer, JaMychal Green has been left behind. The journeyman forward could easily slot into Cleveland’s ranks and help a young team learn how to compete against the best teams in the Association.

On a veteran minimum deal, Green is a valuable target to consider for the Cavs. His 6-foot 8-inches helps the Cavaliers against taller opponents, and his physical playstyle inserts a level of grit that was severely absent from Cleveland’s nice guy team last season.

Finally, the Cavaliers should revisit a former trade target from last season.