Way-too-early buyout candidates for the Cleveland Cavaliers

Joe Harris, Brooklyn Nets. Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images
Joe Harris, Brooklyn Nets. Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images /
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The NBA’s buyout market is one of the most prominent parts of the NBA season, as players who have been bought out by their respective teams get to get another chance to sign to a contending team for the rest of the season on a small contract.

For the Cleveland Cavaliers last season, Danny Green signed to the Cavaliers after being bought out by the Houston Rockets after the trade deadline. The signing was a great one for the Cavaliers, even if he did not really bring a lot to the court. His veteran leadership was a great presence in the locker room, and is one of the best skills he has left.

Kevin Love was one of the NBA’s biggest buyout players last season after being waived by the Cavaliers in February. He later signed with the Miami Heat, and just re-signed with Miami during free agency.

Usually, the players that get bought out are the veteran players on teams that are not competing to win the NBA Finals, and are usually lottery-bound. The veteran players want to leave their respective teams, and want to get a better chance to compete for an NBA championship while they still can. Teams save money by releasing the player, and it’s beneficial for both sides.

The NBA season has not even started yet, and there still is a long way until we can really get an idea for who would even be considered to be bought out. However, there are still a few players that could be bought out once the NBA season is underway. The Cleveland Cavaliers definitely could be in conversations to get a buyout market player, especially if the Cavs are better than they were last year.

So without further ado, here are two players that the Cleveland Cavaliers could eye on the potential buyout market for next season.

The first is a former member of the Wine and Gold.