Grade the Trade: Cavaliers find wing depth in exciting three-team proposal

Cleveland Cavaliers, Jarrett Allen. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
Cleveland Cavaliers, Jarrett Allen. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports /
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Cleveland Cavaliers
Jarrett Allen, Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports) /

So, what does the trade look like?

Here, Cleveland gets a solution to their wing depth, while bringing in a temporary fit to the big man spot until Mobley is ready to take over the center spot long-term for the team. New Orleans gets their center for the future in Allen, and Brooklyn can focus their attention on restructuring around Mikal Bridges and Cameron Johnson.

Would the Pelicans take the offer?

New Orleans has had their fair share of trade rumors this offseason. Talks of Zion Williamson leaving the organization flooded social media for several weeks at the beginning of the summer, but those rumors appear to have faded into the background. It seems like the Pelicans still plan to move forward with Zion, which never really should have been a question in the first place. Although, something that should be questioned is – what are the Pelicans going to do about their center position long-term alongside Zion? That’s where Cleveland enters into the picture. Rumors have been circling around that New Orleans has had an interest in Jarrett Allen.

New Orleans would be losing Jonas Valanciunas and Kira Lewis Jr in this trade. As stated before, the Pelicans have concerns about Jonas’ commitment to stay with the team for the future. The Pelicans would not have an issue trading their current center away if it meant they were gaining more of a sure thing back in return. Jonas’ ability to shoot the three-ball as a big man might be something the Pelicans miss though. Cleveland would take Valanciunas as their new big man next to Mobley. Kira Lewis Jr is shipped off to Brooklyn in this deal. Spencer Dinwiddie is the point guard for the Nets at the moment. A young guard like Kira Lewis would provide a solid backup option behind Dinwiddie.

New Orleans brings in Jarrett Allen as their center for the future. Pairing him with Zion in the front court would be a deadly combination. Allen’s 9.8 rebounds per game last year show he was still an exceptional talent when it comes to rim protection. Putting him down low in the paint with Zion is a nightmare waiting to happen for other teams.

Looking at the big picture, the Pelicans need a center for the future. This trade does just that for them. New Orleans would say yes to the trade and solidify their frontcourt with Zion and Jarrett.