3 Young players the Cavaliers could sign in free agency

Sharife Cooper, Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)
Sharife Cooper, Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The Cleveland Cavaliers have a really young roster, as their four best players are still under the age of 27. They still have an up-and-coming team, even considering the fact that they were the 4th seed last season. Their team has plenty of room to grow, as like I did mention, the squad is still pretty young, and for players like Darius Garland and Evan Mobley, last season was their first season where they made the playoffs in their short NBA careers.

The Cavaliers still have two more roster spots, available, as they currently have 13 players on their roster on a regular contract. 15 players is the maximum allowed, while three two-way contracts are the max allowed, as the Cavs have already filled out their two-way deals earlier in July.

Who do the Cavaliers sign?

That begs the question, who could the Cavs hypothetically sign to their roster? There is still so much talent left out on the market, so there is no real reason that the Cavaliers cannot sign a quality-level player. Players like Christian Wood, PJ Washington, and Kelly Oubre Jr. have all been thrown around for the Cavs to potentially sign, which would be smart.

However, players like Washington and Oubre Jr. might be out of their price range, unless a potential sign and trade happens. Also, Wood’s defensive liabilities might be a reason for the Cavs’ front office to steer away from signing Wood.

Cleveland might look to bring in a younger player if they have the opportunity. Most young players that are still in free agency might not have a lot of suitors, as a lot of them are still unproven in the NBA at this point. A lot of them are unrestricted, so the Cavs won’t have a tough time trying to pry them away from other teams, in theory.

That’s where the Cavaliers could come in. If they sign a young player to a deal, and see if they have any promise still left, then maybe they can prove their worth and be a player they can keep around for the long haul. If not, it didn’t cost much. With that in mind, here are three young players the Cavs could still sign.