2 pros, 1 con of Ty Jerome being regularly involved in Cavs rotation

Ty Jerome, Golden State Warriors. (Photo by D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports)
Ty Jerome, Golden State Warriors. (Photo by D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Ty Jerome, Golden State Warriors. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

Pro No. 2: Lineup versatility

Secondly, if Jerome is in the rotation at least fairly regularly, his combo guard capabilities could enable the Cavaliers to potentially feature him in a number of different lineups.

In instances where either of Garland or Mitchell are getting a breather, Jerome could function off-ball with Garland at the controls, or if Garland is off, Jerome could initiate more with Mitchell being more of a movement shooting threat to some degree. Jerome’s had decent splits of 2.9 assists in 19.1 minutes per contest over the last three seasons, and in his career, has had an assist rate of 21.9 percent. He’ll help ball and man movement in his minutes, and generally, make the right plays.

In some other matchups, Jerome and Caris LeVert could operate in dual combo guard lineups from time to time for Cleveland, particularly with Jerome and LeVert’s good decision-making as passers, but also with Jerome’s catch-and-shoot play factored in.

Along with him being more viable off-ball than say the likes of Rubio, despite Jerome not having Rubio’s length and Jerome having a negative wingspan at only 6-foot-4, he holds his own defensively on the perimeter.

At times, Jerome could maybe play with two other guards, as he does a solid job as a helper when needed off-ball, and while he’s not the greatest athlete in terms of quickness, he does aid his clubs on the glass with his positioning. Those are things to keep in mind for that end.

It’d depend on matchups, but with Jerome’s sound decision-making, heady movement off the basketball and with his off-ball shooting in mind, he could theoretically play in several different lineups. That’s not as likely with Rubio, who needs the ball in his hands a bunch to be impactful on offense.