Ranking the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 3 two-way players

Isaiah Mobley, Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports)
Isaiah Mobley, Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Emoni Bates, Eastern Michigan Eagles. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) /

Second: Emoni Bates

Emoni Bates has a ton of potential, but as of now, he isn’t the best player on a two-way contract for the Cavs. He’s still really talented, he just still has a long way to go to become a great NBA player.

He has some clear flaws in his game.

He’s not a great passer. He’s sometimes a ball-stopper on offense, and doesn’t like to make the extra pass, and isolates too much. He takes bad quality shots, and his defense leaves much to be desired.

However, let’s look at his qualities.

He shot a solid 78.2 percent from the free throw line last year at Eastern Michigan, and he’s a natural born scorer. His jump shot is really nice, and the form is great. He excels at making difficult shots, and his mid-range is solid.

Most importantly, the potential is all there. He was one of the most-hyped high school players ever, as he was compared to Kevin Durant for a while. He still become a high-level NBA player, and he has the ability to be an All-Star someday. But he has to put in the work.

Ultimately, though, a two-way contract was a good choice for Bates. He should benefit from developmental time with the Charge to round out his skill set, improve defensively, and hopefully, he can gradually get stronger over his rookie campaign.