2 minimum-level players the Cavaliers can still sign

Derrick Jones Jr., Chicago Bulls. (Photo by Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports)
Derrick Jones Jr., Chicago Bulls. (Photo by Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports) /
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With the Cleveland Cavaliers’ main free agency signings out of the way, there isn’t a lot of cap space that can be able to be used for Cleveland. Chances are, the next player the Cavs will sign will probably be on a minimum contract, which is fine. A minimum-level player to round out the roster isn’t a bad thing, it’s common in the NBA.

However, even with a minimum-level player, Cleveland will still want a player that is able to play. Signing a random player to the minimum isn’t a smart idea, even if they would rarely play. Minimum players are usually veterans looking at their last few quality years in the NBA, and are trying to stay in the league or go somewhere to win a championship. Some younger veterans looking to prove themselves for ensuing seasons are others that could maybe be candidates as well.

There are still plenty of free agents left out on the market. Players like PJ Washington, Grant Williams, and Kelly Oubre Jr. are a few of the best free agents still left out on the market. Altough chances are the Cavaliers will not be able to sign anyone of that caliber unless a sign-and-trade occurs or one of those players somehow sign for the minimum.

What do the Cavaliers really need out of a minimum contract player? Most likely, they’d want a locker room guy, who can be a vocal leader and won’t be tasked to play a lot of minutes. A player like Danny Green was for the Cavs last year is a perfect example. Green did not really play a ton of minutes, but was on the roster for veteran leadership, and obviously the occasional game played.

The Cavaliers look to be a great team next year, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see players want to play for Cleveland. The Cavs could make a solid run in the playoffs next April and on, and the free agents they signed should be a huge help in their title run aspirations.

With that all being said, here are two free agents the Cavaliers could potentially sign on the minimum.

We’ll begin with a rim protector.