3 players Cavaliers can sign with the Mid-Level Exception this offseason

Harrison Barnes, Sacramento Kings. Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images
Harrison Barnes, Sacramento Kings. Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images /
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Grant Williams, Boston Celtics. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

No. 2: Grant Williams

Despite the fact that Grant Williams is not a man of his word when it comes to clutch time free throws, he fits on this Cavs roster. Williams isn’t going to wow you with his skill or his free throw shooting (I can’t stop), but he is the quintessential role player in today’s game.

He does the dirty work. He’s willing to guard the opposing team’s best player, do it well, and tick them off in the process. He rebounds with a purpose. Heck, Joel Embiid inadvertently slammed Williams’ face into the hardwood, and Williams acted like nothing happened and played on. This is the kind of player the Cavaliers need. They need that hard-nosed role player that can fit with any lineup and bring the intangibles that a young team needs.

Plus, Williams is also a great locker room presence and will fit in with the Cavs’ culture. On top of all of that, Williams is a solid offensive player as well, as he averaged 9 points per game and shot 45% from the field and 40% from three-point range last season with the Boston Celtics. His shooting ability will keep the defense honest and spread the floor on offense, and his defensive ability would fit right in with the Cavaliers’ elite defensive system and give them an element of toughness that they do not have at this time.

If the Cavs cannot get Barnes, Williams has to be their next target; he’s reportedly a player who is definitely on their radar as well.