2 pros and 1 con regarding Cavs signing Kelly Oubre Jr. in free agency

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
Cleveland Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports /
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Con: Efficiency/consistency

Coming off a season where he averaged 20 points per game and five rebounds per game, one would expect more interest in Kelly Oubre. However, it’s possible that teams like the Orlando Magic or Houston Rockets may overpay him due to their cap situation, as there seemingly wasn’t much demand for Oubre during the trade deadline. Some of that had to do with Oubre’s broken hand, but even despite that, the concerns had to have been there with Oubre’s play style last season.

While he posted solid numbers on the surface last year, he has not been able to maintain a consistent 34 percent three-point shooting percentage in consecutive seasons. His true shooting percentage tends to fall below the league average, and his role with the Charlotte Hornets allowed him to play in a manner that may not be possible in Cleveland.

Oubre took over 17 shots per game last year but struggled to be efficient. As a member of a lottery team that faced injuries throughout the season, Oubre often had the freedom to be the primary offensive option, leading to inflated scoring figures. It is crucial for him to transition back to a role that aligns with the team’s offensive flow and to avoid taking ill-advised shots.

In the past, players in similar situations have often chosen to prioritize a big payday over joining a contending team. Jerami Grant is a recent example, as he opted to cash in on his successful stint with the Denver Nuggets by signing a lucrative deal with the Detroit Pistons.

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If an exceptionally generous offer is presented to Oubre, it may be difficult for him to turn it down. However, if the Cavaliers can find a way to make it work financially, Oubre has the potential to be a valuable addition to their rotation.