Constructing the perfect Cleveland Cavaliers 2023 offseason

Josh Richardson, New Orleans Pelicans. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Josh Richardson, New Orleans Pelicans. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /
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This is a pivotal offseason for the Cleveland Cavaliers. After a 51-win season ended in a first round exit, the Cavs have needs to address in order to become serious championship contenders. The time is now to take over the Eastern Conference, especially given the state of other contenders.

The Boston Celtics head into an offseason full of questions after flaming out once again. Who knows what their roster will look like. The Philadelphia 76ers have the James Harden saga to worry about and might not have a co-star for Joel Embiid next season.

The Milwaukee Bucks are getting older and have a few free agents that they may not be able to re-sign and the roster might be drastically different. The Miami Heat are hunting for a star, but if they do not get one their roster might be maxed out.

The Cavs are young, talented, and hungry. However, they do have their flaws. If they fix their flaws, they might be top dog in the East next season. Here is the Cleveland Cavaliers perfect offseason.

The Cavs trade Cedi Osman and two second-round picks to the Brooklyn Nets for Royce O’Neale

This past season, the wing spot for the Cavs was more nonexistent than Nikola Jokic’s love for basketball accolades. It’s time to fix that weakness once and for all. Brooklyn’s Royce O’Neale is the perfect fit for this team.

Not only is he friends with Cavs superstar Donovan Mitchell, but O’Neale is the 3-and-D wing that the Cavs have been lacking for the last two seasons. O’Neale shot 39 percent from 3 this year and was a stout defender for Brooklyn as well; it’s not difficult to understand why he’s been a rumored Cavs trade target.

Before his time with Brooklyn, he was a key part of the Utah Jazz’s success, as they made the playoffs every year he was there. In addition to his value on the court, O’Neale is a great veteran teammate and glue guy, which is something the Cavaliers need. The fit is almost too perfect to pass up. In this trade, the Cavs send Cedi Osman and two second-round picks to Brooklyn for O’Neale’s services.

Osman has been the most inconsistent option among the Cavs wings and he gets a much needed fresh start here. He can provide energy and shooting for a Brooklyn team that could use it, and he is two years younger than O’Neale as well. The Nets also acquire draft capital that they can use in future trades. This is a win-win trade for both sides.