2 offseason moves for the Cavaliers to become contenders

Daniel Gafford, Washington Wizards. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
Daniel Gafford, Washington Wizards. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) /
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Although the Cleveland Cavaliers fell short fast in the first round of the NBA Playoffs against the New York Knicks, their phenomenal regular season with 51 wins sets Cleveland up for a bright future going forward. Their young core of Darius Garland, Donovan Mitchell, and Evan Mobley seem to be a perfect combination with one another, but there remain some questions to be answered.

They seem to be only a tier below a true contender due to a lack of shooting, a stagnant offensive scheme, and a lack of experience. These three issues could be solved with smart choices this summer. This now-past season’s Cavaliers roster was spread thin in the postseason against the deep roster in New York led by two-time NBA Coach of the Year Tom Thibodeau.

Finding a starting small forward and improving their depth would bolster the opportunities for head coach J.B. Bickerstaff to implement new offensive game plans with the team’s growing postseason experience.

A lot of focus on the Cavs’ offseason has been surrounding their Mid-Level Exception and Bi-Annual Exception which totals just under $17 million. Additionally, rumors continue to swirl around trade packages for Cleveland’s big man Jarrett Allen after a disappointing performance in the first round.

The Eastern Conference is wide open right now, and Cleveland is in prime position to climb to the highest rung. Two offseason moves could bolster the Cavaliers into this tier of contention for the coming NBA season, and here, we’ll examine those.