4 realistic bench guards Cavaliers should target in free agency

Seth Curry, Brooklyn Nets. (Photo by Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)
Seth Curry, Brooklyn Nets. (Photo by Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Seth Curry, Brooklyn Nets. (Photo by Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports) /

Seth Curry, Brooklyn Nets

Another player with over 10 years of NBA experience, Seth Curry is coming off a season where he played his fewest minutes since 2018-19. Similar to his brother, Seth Curry is an elite three-point shooter in the league. He has had two seasons where he attempted more than five threes per game and boasts a career shooting percentage of 43% from deep. The attention that defenses have to give Curry can greatly benefit the rest of the Cavaliers’ core and make their lives easier.

Seth Curry has also showcased his ability as a capable ball handler. During the 2021-22 season with the Philadelphia 76ers, Curry generated over four points per game in pick-and-roll situations, accounting for more than 33% of his playing time. He can provide reliable shooting and playmaking off the bench and has demonstrated effectiveness both with and without the ball.

Standing at just 6’1,” there may be instances where Curry’s defensive contributions are limited due to his size. While Curry does not bring the desired size to the Cavs’ backcourt, there aren’t many options available who possess the combination of shooting and playmaking that he does. Additionally, Curry’s performance during the 2021 playoffs exemplifies his ability to rise to the occasion. Averaging nearly 19 points per game while shooting 50% from beyond the arc, Curry’s contributions would be exactly what the Cavs could utilize off the bench during the next playoff run.

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Overall, the direction the Cavs take in free agency will depend on whether they choose to retain Caris LeVert or not. However, regardless of that decision, adding diversity to the roster with the final spots can provide flexibility in lineups and enable the team to match up effectively against any opponent. Making the right moves on the backend can be vital in achieving greater success in the postseason.