Ranking 5 potential Cleveland Cavaliers offseason wing trade targets

Dorian Finney-Smith, Brooklyn Nets. Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images
Dorian Finney-Smith, Brooklyn Nets. Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images /
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Doug McDermott, San Antonio Spurs. (Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images) /

No. 4: Doug McDermott, San Antonio Spurs

With Victor Wembanyama as the clear choice for the first overall pick in this year’s NBA draft, the San Antonio Spurs will be looking to put a competent but young roster around the potential future-defining talent. In turn, they might be willing to part ways with veteran long range threat Doug McDermott.

In his age-31 season, McDermott attempted nearly five three-pointers per game and sank 41.3% of them. McDermott missed 21 games last season, but in his appearances, managed to score 10.2 points per game in 20.5 minutes of action.

As the Cavaliers search for their answer on the wing, McDermott initially looks like a beneficial talent in the Land. Why should the Cavs not do it? His contract is worth $13.75 million next season, and he will be an unrestricted free agent next summer. That can be both a positive and negative factor, as he will likely not command the same amount of money in the offseason. That, then, should not stop the Cavs. What should?

His defense should. On a team who needs veteran leadership such as the Spurs, McDermott had a career-worst plus-minus of -3.7 alongside another career-worst defensive rating of 124. Statistics do not paint the whole picture, especially not those of just one season. The problem, though, is that McDermott is showing concerning signs of regression in his overall value.

The two prior seasons, McDermott had a 118 defensive rating and -0.7 plus-minus. He has not been a positive contributor for more than three years now, and that is something the Cavaliers cannot risk paying nearly $14 million for if they plan to contend any time soon.