Can Taj Gibson or Terrence Ross be good fits for the Cavs?

Terrence Ross, Orlando Magic. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
Terrence Ross, Orlando Magic. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a lot to do this upcoming offseason. One of these things is to add more depth to their team during free agency.

The Cavs had an “okay” amount of depth compared to other teams, but the lack of playoff or veteran experience within that depth may have been one of the factors of the Cavs’ first-round exit. This lack of experience needs to be noted when the Cavaliers are signing free agents.

With that being said, there are two veterans that could help the Cavs get the experience they need: Taj Gibson and Terrence Ross.

Let’s begin with Taj Gibson

In many fans’ eyes, Kevin Love’s buyout was seen as a terrible move and a possible reason why the Cavs lost to the New York Knicks. It wasn’t as if the Cavaliers just gave Love away, as it was an agreement between both sides, but Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen seemed to struggle a lot against Julius Randle and Mitchell Robinson.

Kevin Love could have helped, like he is currently doing for the Miami Heat. Taj Gibson could potentially help the Cavs resolve that mistake.

Taj Gibson has been a strong veteran presence on teams in the past, most significantly the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks. Gibson would be a great mentor for Evan Mobley and possibly could help Mobley become a Defensive Player of the Year within the next year or two.

Gibson, who could feasibly be signed via a team-friendly and/or veteran’s minimum deal, could also fill in for the Cavs as the backup power forward or center. He could fit into the current Cavs’ system well because he knows how to adjust and play the role where he is needed.

Terrence Ross would be a quality signing as well.

Terrence Ross could possibly fit in as the Cavs’ starting or backup small forward. The Cavaliers’ biggest question during this past season was their starting small forward spot. They went through a constant rotation of players to find one, but it never panned out, and the Cavs were also one of two teams that never made a deal during the trade deadline.

The starting small forward needs to be found and Terrence Ross could possibly be a cheap and temporary solution until the Cavs officially find one. Ross is currently 31 years old and has been a reliable bench player for the Orlando Magic and Phoenix Suns. He is mature enough to take on any role that is asked of him and could be a reliable scorer when needed.

There are much bigger names the Cavaliers could go after, but these two wouldn’t be as hard or expensive to sign compared to those big names. The Cavs just need to bring on some veterans who can help in the playoffs and these two can do it.

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Hopefully, the Cavs will make the right signings for the spots that they need, but not do it because of the name.