NBA Draft: 3 center prospects for Cavaliers to replace Lopez

DaRon Holmes II, Dayton Flyers. Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images
DaRon Holmes II, Dayton Flyers. Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images /
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The Cleveland Cavaliers did not get what they needed this season from Robin Lopez. When they signed him it was as a fourth center of sorts, behind Jarrett Allen, Evan Mobley and Kevin Love. Over the course of the year, Lopez got only spot minutes, but his play was inconsistent and he did very little to protect the rim.

The Cavs need to find a different solution as their reserve center, and the NBA Draft represents one path to that goal. With just pick No. 47, however, the best centers in the draft will be out of reach. Which big prospects could be available when Cleveland picks and are worth the selection?

Center Prospect No. 1: Daron Holmes II, Dayton

The issue that the Cavaliers have run into is that they have no rim protection behind their two star bigs. If one of them is out of the lineup for any reason, the Cavs have to completely change their defense. They need to find another shot-blocker, and Daron Holmes II is certainly one.

Holmes is a nuclear athlete who plays above the rim. Offensively he rolls hard and can get up for alley-oops, while on defense he is a furious shot-blocker with the foot speed to survive on the perimeter on a switch. He lacks offensive polish and can do very little with the ball if he isn’t finishing, but he could be an excellent reserve big in the Cavs’ scheme.