2022-23 Cavs Grades: Cedi Osman has ups and downs, but not all on him

Cedi Osman, Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports)
Cedi Osman, Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports) /
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When he’s brought up in discussions among Cleveland Cavaliers fans, rotational wing Cedi Osman is often a player whose going to be a polarizing guy in those settings.

Sure, some love the guy. He’s always had a boyish charm to him, even back in his rookie season (remember the celly’s with LeBron James?) and he has some flare to his game. Osman is exactly what one would want in a teammate, too, and his smile, amazing flow, and sense of humor have made him so lovable, to some fans.

There’s also some that are not too fond of him. Osman has had some really rough cold spells over the course of his time with the Cavaliers, and he can prone to taking bad shots, or simply being way off on open shots on catch-and-shoots. That sort of thing was on display in the Cavaliers’ loss to the Philadelphia 76ers at home a couple of weeks back.

At times, he can appear to be out of place on the defensive end, also, and athletically, he’s somewhat limited compared to other wings. With this being six years in, well at least five with him regularly involved in games, the flaws are known with Osman, as they are for most players by that time.

So, taking everything into consideration, then, what’s a fair assessment of Osman’s play this season for the Wine and Gold?

We’ll put the spotlight on Osman’s performance throughout this regular season here, in his sixth year with the Cavs.

Let’s begin with his offensive play, and in doing so, one has to acknowledge with inconsistency in opportunity, with a player of Osman’s archetype, that is going to result in inconsistency in his own play.