LeBron James’ comments show how Lakers are wasting his efforts

LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

LeBron James made some very interesting comments about his career and his future with the Los Angeles Lakers that certainly have us talking today. James was asked after the Lakers latest loss of the season, this time to the Miami Heat, how he looked at his future and planning out the rest of his NBA career. His birthday was coming up and is now today and that prompted one of the media members after the game to ask James to reflect on how he is thinking about the end of his career and if it were to be soon or if he had many more years to play.

James is now 38 years old on Dec. 30, today, and when he answered the question, he discussed being a “winner” and wanting to win and that’s not something his current Lakers team is doing. They have a record of 14-21 and are the 13th seed in the Western Conference. James went on to discuss still having a lot left in the tank and that as long as his mind was still in the game, he could contribute to whatever team in his future he was part of.

As James’ comments demonstrated, the Lakers are wasting his efforts.

As a former Cleveland Cavalier, and not just once but twice, this has this Cavs fan wondering today if a return to Northeastern Ohio again for King James would be more likely than ever?

In the presser on Wednesday night, James talked about his family and catching both his sons’ high school basketball games after his own by watching via video streaming. He discussed wanting to be there for those important moments as a father. He also discussed the longevity of his career and the speculation of how many years ahead were left. His current teammate Dennis Schroder teammate Dennis Schroder suggested that James plans to play until he’s 45 years old/six or seven more seasons.

In response to that speculation, James again reiterated his desire to keep playing as long as his mind was in the game. And that’s where he shared his concern for his current team’s lack of winning and how that’s becoming a growing concern for himself.

The Cavs, the team that James brought a championship to back in 2016, would certainly welcome the idea of their former star back to the team it seems. Can you imagine this sort of Cavs team with LeBron on it? You might as well hand the Cavs the NBA Championship trophy immediately.

The Cavs are currently the fourth seed in the East with a 22-14 mark. They have lacked finding that fifth player in the starting five this season and still have struggled somewhat versus the East’s best. While the team may finally get back to the playoffs after the long drought since James left after the 2017-18 season having James come back to play for the Cavs would be fantastic.

The current Cleveland team is filled with young talent that will compete in the postseason for years to come and adding that final piece in James would be ideal.

That being said, James can’t be traded until following this seasons’ deadline, and he’s not able to be a free agent again until after the 2023-24 campaign, per his recently-signed extension this past summer. And it is frankly difficult to foresee the Cavaliers trading for James this upcoming offseason.

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But perhaps down the road, he could come back via free agency. Well, these latest comments have to have Cavs fans thinking about that possibility at least.