Cavs get positive B+ in Hoops Habit Free Agency Grades

Ricky Rubio, Cleveland Cavaliers. Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images
Ricky Rubio, Cleveland Cavaliers. Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images /
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Darius Garland, Cleveland Cavaliers. Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images /

Why the Cavs’ grade is too low

Last season, lineups with Ricky Rubio absolutely crushed opponents. Whether he was paired with Darius Garland or running the show solo with bench lineups, Rubio was a key part of the Cavs success over the first half of the season, and part of the story of why they fell back to earth down the stretch.

If Rubio is able to return well ahead of the playoffs and is back at or around his previous level of play, he will be worth significantly more than $5.8 million this season and beyond.

The other way this grade ultimately is too low is if Collin Sexton ends up re-signing at a relatively low number. Right now it seems like the Cavs are lowballing him, both because they see him as a bench-only player and because they want to avoid the luxury tax. Yet if Sexton agrees to a deal below his perceived market value, the Cavs’ hard negotiating will appear to have paid off.

It should also be noted that the Cavs got Darius Garland to agree to a five-year maximum rookie extension without any player option, and if he continues to ascend that deal will be an enormous bargain as the cap increases.