Robin Lopez will quickly become a Cavs fan favorite

New Cleveland Cavaliers free agent signee Robin Lopez will quickly become a fan favorite, and he already is becoming one as we speak. Lopez signed a one-year deal at the veteran minimum on Friday (of which will become official on July 6) and will help add depth to the team’s needs at the center position.

The 7-foot Lopez, who is 34, has been in the NBA now 14 seasons and this will be the ninth team he will have played for. He most recently played for the Orlando Magic, when his minutes were trimmed due to them wanting to play younger guys. As KJG’s Dan Gilinsky expressed, though, Lopez did solid work with them, and did a good job with a bigger role with the Washington Wizards the year prior.

Regardless of the recent team movement, Lopez has a funny sense of humor and has been pretty active on social media platforms. He made his introduction to Cavs fans quickly on Friday when he shared a message on Twitter about the amusement park relatively near Cleveland in Cedar Point.

That type of humor can win over a fan base. Lopez is coming to Cleveland with a wealth of basketball knowledge for the young players like Evan Mobley. He’s also bringing quality post and interior play, and in particular, a nice hook shot, as KJG’s Mack Perry highlighted. Lopez has mastered that shot over the years.

Lopez has had a nice career to this point. His best years were between 2012 and 2018 when he was starter for several teams including the Portland Trail Blazers and Chicago Bulls. His best season point average was 11.8 when he was with the Bulls. He had an 8.5 rebounding average with the Trail Blazers during the 2013-14 season.

He also has had a healthy amount of experience playing in the playoffs. He has logged 36 games in the postseason. That fact alone will be useful to the young Cavaliers. His best playoff run was in 2014 when he helped the Trail Blazers get to the Western Conference Semifinals against the San Antonio Spurs.

While his numbers scoring and rebounding have slid with fewer minutes played in the last several years, his time with the young Cavaliers should be very helpful. Like other veterans on the team in Kevin Love, Lopez should be able to teach the young Evan Mobley a thing or two about the position.

If nothing else Lopez’s sense of humor will probably be on full display this season so, buckle up Cavs fans. Here’s two short videos of Lopez’s feuds with a few NBA mascots:

Welcome to Cleveland Mr. Lopez. May your game and your humor be enough to help this young Cavaliers team get to the playoffs next season.

Cavs fans are going to love this guy, let me tell ya.