5 big questions for Cleveland Cavaliers this offseason

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Kevin Love and Darius Garland, Cleveland Cavaliers. Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Cleveland Cavaliers made many improvements this past season and nearly got into the postseason after several seasons of ugly basketball. They found a point guard and NBA All-Star in Darius Garland who will be a handful for opposing teams to deal with for years to come. They also found a diamond in the ruff by drafting big man Evan Mobley out of USC. Mobley is a special player and made a huge difference in the team’s progress.

Despite the progress, the team really choked at the end of the season and missed out on a playoff bid. So while there is renewed hope in the team, there is that other feeling of disappointment because the team got so close to making the playoffs. While this can be a ‘feel good” moment, and some will stick to that, the reality is this team was rolling early in the season and then simply ran out of gas and that good vibe energy. Some will point to the injury bug affecting the final results but it was ultimately a failure. So with that, let’s try answering a few questions about the offseason and how the team will rebound next season.

Cavs Question No. 1: Should the Cavs stick with Isaac Okoro as a starter on Opening Night next season?

Isaac Okoro, the Cavs guard started most of the games this past season after another shooting guard Collin Sexton went down with an early-season injury. Sexton will return next season however there is a possibility still that Sexton might get traded this offseason. Let’s though assume that Sexton returns does Okoro go to the bench?

And let’s not forget about guard Caris LeVert, who the team picked up late in the season after a trade with the Indiana Pacers. I’d say that the chances of Okoro starting, going forward into next season are slim to none. While Okoro is an excellent defender, the Cavs want to insert more scoring and will go back to Sexton if he’s still here when the season starts.

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