Cavs Player Grades: Caris LeVert inconsistent as second banana

Caris LeVert, Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by Mitchell Leff-USA TODAY Sports)
Caris LeVert, Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by Mitchell Leff-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Caris LeVert, Cleveland Cavaliers. Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images /

The Cleveland Cavaliers took blow after blow to its shot creation last season, losing Collin Sexton 11 games into the season and Ricky Rubio a month later. Again and again the Cavs were reduced to leaning heavily on Darius Garland to generate any offense at all. It is to Garland’s credit that he shined despite that burden, but heading into the trade deadline it was clear he needed help.

Even so, it was a surprise that the help the Cavs sought out was Caris LeVert. The team locked in on LeVert and engaged in aggressive trade negotiations with the Indiana Pacers, reportedly out-bidding the New York Knicks to secure the deal. The trade included a pair of premium picks and the expiring contract of the injured Rubio, and thus LeVert became a Cavalier.

With just a few weeks of healthy games with the Cavs, the data is limited on Caris LeVert. From what we do have, how did LeVert do this season?

LeVert was brought in to alleviate the play creation burden on Garland, allowing him to occasionally move off-ball, and to carry the offense when Garland sat. Given his size at 6’6″ there was hope he could play either wing position, and indeed he got starts at shooting guard and small forward down the stretch for an injured Cavs squad.

How did LeVert do during his limited stint with the team? We are looking to evaluate his play on the court, not the asset management of the trade that brought him in. Did LeVert gel with his teammates and does he look like a fit with this roster moving forward?