Raise the Roof: Why the Cavs should trade Collin Sexton

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Collin Sexton, Cleveland Cavaliers. Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Stephen Curry. Ben Roethelisberger. Hue Jackson. Edgar Renteria. A number of names will instantly unite Cleveland sports fans as they link arms and utter choice words about these hated figures. If you want to divide Cleveland sports fans, however, the fastest current path is to bring up Collin Sexton.

This is the most contentious topic for the Cavaliers right now. Most Cleveland fans agree that Baker has to go, or that the “Guardians” rebrand is fine but not spectacular. Where they do not agree is on whether Collin Sexton is an offensive star the team should bring back on a long-term deal, or if he is an overrated chucker who needs to be shown the door. Those in the middle trying to preach nuance are drowned out by the intensity of the poles. Welcome to discourse the 2020s.

Just this week here on the site we published a piece looking at three blockbuster trades involving Sexton. That answered the “how” and “who” of the Sexton trade topic. Let’s take a step back and instead ask the question: why? Why should the Cavs trade their young offensive powerhouse?

One key debate around the Cavs is the long-term future of Collin Sexton with the team. This is the case for why the team should trade the injured guard.

There are ancillary reasons, such as the Cavs wanting someone who can help now (Sexton is out for the year after a meniscus injury) or Sexton’s impending free agency. Those are absolutely factors and will color any trade package. Yet at the end of the day there is a much stronger reason to trade him, and that is his fit in building a contending Cleveland team.

If Sexton was an excellent fit with this rising core then the above factors wouldn’t matter; they aren’t potentially going to trade him because he is hurt, but ultimately because of his long-term fit. Let’s dig into why the Cavs should trade Sexton, then highlight the kind of player they should be looking for in such a deal.

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