Coming from a Cavs fan, Stephen Curry’s accomplishment is amazing

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /

It’s tough. Being a sports fan always has its ups and downs. One of the most difficult tasks is celebrating greatness when it comes from a player or team that is a rival to the team you love. This instance just happened with the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry and his amazing achievement.

Curry hit his 2974th three-pointer against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday in a Golden State win. He surpassed the great Ray Allen, who’s now second on the list. Here is the Top 10 from there:

  • #3: Reggie Miller – 2560
  • #4: James Harden – 2509
  • #5: Kyle Korver – 2450
  • #6: Vince Carter – 2290
  • #7: Jason Terry – 2282
  • #8: Jamal Crawford – 2221
  • #9: Paul Pierce – 2143
  • #10: Damian Lillard – 2119

Guess who is # 11? LeBron James at 2027 (and counting).

The Cleveland Cavaliers played the Golden State Warriors many times in battles for the NBA Title and Stephen Curry would absolutely destroy the team with his incredible shooting. Certainly, he was hated by fans in Cleveland because of his success against our beloved Cavs and their title quest.

After all, the Warriors did defeat the Cavaliers three out of four times in the Finals from 2015-2018.

Even coming from a Cavs fan, Curry’s accomplishment is amazing, and he’s got plenty of time to build on it.

Frankly, the most amazing part of this achievement by Curry is what’s to come in the future moving forward. Curry is only 33 years old and has many more years of playing to continue to build this record.

It’s hard to imagine anyone surpassing that final number when the shooter does end up retiring down the road. It really feels like it is close to impossible…

Ironically, the great Ray Allen was also a Cavs-killer in the playoffs on the Eastern Conference side of things in earlier years from the first time LeBron played in Cleveland. It goes to show that everyone likes making threes against Cleveland, apparently. Allen and those Celtics would duel against the Cavs before eventually getting to the Finals.

Another amazing part of Curry’s career is the fact that he is shooting 43.1 percent overall from deep. Thus, it’s not just as if he’s shooting a million threes to try and reach certain milestones. It’s also an efficient mark.

As a Cavaliers fan, I tip my cap to Steph Curry despite the many years of dealing with him destroying our team in the playoffs. It’s an amazing record that continues to grow with each game. Truly remarkable.

But wait…

Hey, Steph! How were those threes in 2016 against LeBron, Kevin Love, who’s still here (and killing it lately in a bench role) and company, though?

Yes, the Cavs did come back from down 3-1 to win the 2016 NBA Finals and that will always be celebrated here in Cleveland. However, for just one second lets celebrate the greatness of a shooter and be excited for such an unbelievable record we all got to witness.

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Congratulations, Stephen Curry. Keep shooting!