Former Cavs guard Kevin Porter Jr. bashes Cleveland and his former team

If you’re a fan of Cleveland sports teams, and in this case the Cleveland Cavaliers, then when you see comments from former players who decide it’s safe to criticize their former team because they think they have it all together now and want to blame their former squad for their troubles, it simply gets annoying.

You can attribute the very young and talented Kevin Porter Jr.’s recent comments about his former Cavs team (he now plays for the Houston Rockets) to his immaturity and lack of experience.

As transcribed recently in media availability for Porter by Salman Ali of Clutch Points, Porter was less than fond of Cleveland, when you read into it, and from there, of playing for the Cavs.

Porter was drafted by the Cavaliers in 2019 and played well in his rookie campaign.

But the young rising talent has had a long string of problems off the floor, and that cultivated in him being traded by the Cavs this past January. Porter has endured plenty throughout his lift, however, the Cavs reportedly were more than patient with him, and it just unfortunately did not work out with him and the team.

Some of the things off the floor involving him happened while he played on the Cavaliers, and for reported information on those instances, you can view more at the link above.

But all things considered, in relation to his days with the Cavs, those activities are on Porter and not the Cavs. Prior to Porter’s trade from the Cavaliers he was reportedly upset with his Cavs coaches and threw a tantrum in the locker room in regards to his locker having been moved, which was seemingly the last straw for the Cavs organization.

Now, Porter sounds hopeful, given that he is playing with the Rockets. That’s all fine and hopefully he’s turned the corner on his challenging past behaviors, but next time he should practice biting his tongue before he bashes a region for their weather and an organization that has produced plenty of stars in their time.

Good luck, Mr. Porter Jr.