Cavs: Ranking the 5 best 3-point shooters on the roster

Collin Sexton, Cleveland Cavaliers. Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images
Collin Sexton, Cleveland Cavaliers. Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images /
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Lauri Markkanen, Chicago Bulls. Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images /

The Cleveland Cavaliers seem to understand the fact that there may be no more important skill in the modern NBA than shooting. It is true that there is no single way to win, and you have to bring a number of different strengths to the table to be a contender. Shot creation, passing, rebounding, defensive rotations — it takes a lot to win at basketball.

Yet in the words of Captain Obvious, a 3-pointer is worth more than a 2-pointer. Having players on your roster who can hit such shots are valuable simply because they score more points. Where their value tends to skyrocket is factoring in the spacing they provide. Good shooters pull defenders away from the rim, opening up the only shots more efficient than 3-pointers.

Shooting is the name of the game in the modern NBA. Who are the 5 best marksmen on the Cavs?

The Cavaliers seemingly understand this fact, trading Larry Nance Jr. and a second-round pick in a sign and trade for Lauri Markkanen. The former Chicago Bulls forward is lacking in a number of areas, but his greatest strength is his shooting ability. As a big man who can space the floor, he unlocks lineups and allows room inside for other players to score.

Along those lines, who else on the roster is a knockdown shooter? Which players have the best form, the most confidence, the highest gravity? Receiving a pass from a teammate on the perimeter, which players will take the shot, and expect it to go in? Let’s rank the top 5 shooters on the roster, starting with a player the Cavs hope can stay healthy and come into his own this year.