Cavs: 3 players not named Ben Simmons to inquire about

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Jonathan Isaac, Orlando Magic. Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images

We are drawing nearer and nearer to the NBA season every day. In fact, we are just over 30 days away from the Cavs’ opener in Memphis. Finishing last season 13th in the Eastern Conference meant the Cleveland Cavaliers were headed to the lottery again. After getting lucky and landing the number three overall pick, Cleveland selected former USC big man, Evan Mobley. Mobley’s game is raw, but his ceiling is sky-high.

After adding Mobley the Cavs signed center Jarrett Allen to a five-year $100 million contract. The four and five spots on the Cavs roster seem to be pretty full, especially after signing and trading for Lauri Markkanen. With the front-court set with Kevin Love, Jarrett Allen, Evan Mobley, Tacko Fall, and Larui Markkanen, it’s time for the Cavs to start really looking into how they could better this team, or even jump-start the rebuilding process. However, neither of those options requires the addition of Ben Simmons.

The Cavs can add talent via trade without paying through the nose for Ben Simmons

Simmons, who couldn’t have ended the season any worse, has asked for a trade out of Philadelphia, and many Cavs fans seem to have forgotten about his awful performance in the playoffs, because far too many people want him. The Australian point-forward is a great defensive asset, but on offense he’s a liability. He doesn’t, and shouldn’t, shoot many threes, and he has a high turnover ratio.

Through Game Five of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals against the Hawks, Ben Simmons shot the ball three times in the fourth quarter. That’s not just three shots in a single game, but through five games he attempted only three total shots in the fourth quarter. So not only is he bad at shooting, but he simply doesn’t want to score.

Looking elsewhere from Simmons, there are a couple of names out there that the Cavs should check the availability of. Overall, Cleveland is in desperate need of good wing players. They could have tried to trade back into the first round to grab one, but they did not. Guys who are good on both ends of the floor, are the guys Koby Altman should be looking at. Here are three trade ideas that don’t involve one Ben Simmons, and strengthen the Cavs at the wing position.

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