Cleveland Cavaliers: 2 realistic expectations for Dylan Windler in 2021-22

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Dylan Windler, Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers wing Dylan Windler shoots the ball. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

To this point in his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers, it’s safe to say that Dylan Windler hasn’t been able to stay healthy.

During what was formally his first season in 2019-20, he was not able to play at all because of complications involving a stress reaction in his lower left leg, for one.

In Year 2, while we did see some of him in there for Cleveland, it was an injury-riddled campaign. In Windler’s first game with the Cavaliers, he ended up fracturing the fourth metacarpal on his left hand, and would end up being sidelined for a chunk of games right off the bat.

Windler would get back for Cleveland and showed his share of flashes for the Wine and Gold last season, on the plus side, though. But objectively, he had his struggles, particularly later on in the season.

That was before he eventually was sidelined initially in late March due to what was designated as left knee soreness, albeit he would then eventually have to have surgery to take care of “ongoing patella tendinopathy concerns” in his left knee in late April.

Windler is reportedly expected to be out through Summer League even, but I would think that with a full offseason and a normal set of circumstances next season, he should be able to go at the start of preseason.

So looking to next season though, provided he’s set to go/can get himself right over the offseason, what should we expect from him?

We’ll touch on that here, in relation to two realistic expectations for Windler in 2021-22.

The first has to do with his shooting, and hopefully being able to get that going more in really Year 2.

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