Cavs: Collin Sexton should be key leader moving forward

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton greets teammates in pregame introductions. (Photo by Lauren Bacho/Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton greets teammates in pregame introductions. (Photo by Lauren Bacho/Getty Images) /

While uncertainty is arising regarding Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton’s future and his upcoming contract extension, it is likely unwarranted. The Cavaliers are reportedly exploring possibilities involving potential Sexton trades, and that’s seemingly because of him becoming extension-eligible, and he/his representation is rumored to be likely seeking a max deal.

That said, even if Cleveland were to draft Jalen Green or Jalen Suggs, Sexton could still stick around, and the Cavaliers should see how Sexton could work with either of those players and/or with Darius Garland, too. Whether or not the Cavs end up selecting either, Sexton is an emerging player that has continued to improve in his career, and I believe he should be a key leadership presence from here.

We’ll save the potential extension discussion for another day, but regardless, I still believe it’d be wise for the Cavs to try to keep him around and in the process, Sexton should be a crucial leader moving forward.

While still trying to stay away from speculating, Collin will likely be the number one option for scoring going into next season.

The team is expecting better results this upcoming season and seems to be growing impatient with their lack of success. And Sexton embracing a leadership role can help the Cavaliers take the next step.

Barring any trades, the team will be introducing another lottery pick to the team and likely not introducing many new veterans. Granted, a potential free agent target via the non-taxpayer mid-level exception such as T.J. McConnell, Patty Mills and/or Doug McDermott could be a veteran add, but the Cavs will still be pretty young overall.

That leaves the upcoming third overall pick, seemingly, next to Sexton, Garland, Okoro and Allen, who are all young players set to feasibly play a bunch of minutes together. As a side note, the Cavs are reportedly open to possibly trading the #3 pick, seemingly as part of a package for an established star, and Sexton could perhaps be involved in that instance, but they seem likely to make that pick.

In that case, with such a young team now is the time for Sexton to mature and take over the team on and off the court and set an example. It would also help define his role next to Garland, as both are still questionable as a starting pair together.

Collin has made huge strides statistically in each of his seasons thus far, but this offseason will be an important one for him to make strides as a leader.

This team is lacking a clear-cut leader currently, and while it appears Larry Nance Jr. is a crucial presence in that realm, the most worthy one for a primary leader is quickly becoming Sexton, the club’s leading scorer the past two seasons.

It will be important not just for this coming season but also going forward to have a primary leader, and Sexton, who could still definitely stick around, from my perspective, should fit the bill. Otherwise, this team could stay stagnant with their rebuilding efforts with an owner and fanbase who is beginning to grow impatient.

In a way, it could be realistically now or never for many involved with the team. It’s hard to imagine them being in this same situation with a young core oozing with potential but still struggling to improve. If that’s the case again, it would be reasonable to expect big changes if they don’t already happen this upcoming season.

If Cleveland is going to commit to Sexton with a big long-term contract, they will need Sexton to be a player capable of being the best or second-best player on a winning team. While being a second or third option would be ideal, it is hard to see Cleveland landing a clear-cut number 1 building block, at least one better than him early on.

Perhaps Green could be down the road, or the likes of Evan Mobley, but you’re expecting a ton from really young players early on to be that and keeping Sexton around could greatly help ease the burden on those guys.

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Moreover, I believe in Sexton’s work ethic and what he could become with the team fully committed to building around him and helping him evolve.