Cavs Draft: 3 reasons why Jalen Green should be the pick at #3

G League Ignite guard/wing Jalen Green shoots the ball. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
G League Ignite guard/wing Jalen Green shoots the ball. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /
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Darius Garland, Cleveland Cavaliers
Cleveland Cavaliers guard Darius Garland drives. (Photo by David Richard-USA TODAY Sports) /

#2: The long term fit in the Cavs backcourt

When I look at how Green would fit with the Cavs it’s the long term fit and the backcourt that Darius Garland and Green would form.

Garland took major steps from his rookie year to his sophomore year, and averaged 6.1 assists last year. Garland made a bunch of eye-popping passes and showed his ability as a true floor general.

When you factor in Garland’s vision and playmaking to what at the very least Green should be able to come in as a rookie and average 16-18 points per outing, I think those two guys would complement each other very well. Garland should be able to get Green on a lot of cuts and you should see a number of Garland to Green lobs as well.

Green should fit well with the rest of the roster too. The Cavs could go small like a team like the Washington Wizards did for some of last year when they had Russell Westbrook, Raul Neto and Bradley Beal all in the starting lineup at once.

I think if you’re the Cavs you’d like to get a look at Garland, Collin Sexton and Green all playing together and see what that looks like. For a team that finished 28th in offensive efficency, that is something that at least on paper looks completely different from a year ago and should be better offensively. It was very apparent last year the Cavs needed another shot creator and one that had some size.

The Cavs may find that Green long term is a more natural two but for next year I think starting those three together is something you want to see how and if it works before making any decisions about the rest of the team going forward.

Granted, we’ll have to see if that opportunity arises, involving if Green is there and while I’d prefer to see how he could play with Garland and Green, the Cavs have reportedly “begun to explore trade options” involving Sexton, per Jeremy Woo of Sports Illustrated.