Cavs: Dean Wade should mesh well in stretches with #3 draft pick

Dean Wade, Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by David Richard-USA TODAY Sports)
Dean Wade, Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by David Richard-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Cleveland Cavaliers are primed to land a potential star with their #3 selection in the upcoming 2021 NBA Draft on July 29.

With that selection in mind, with Cade Cunningham seemingly having a high possibility of going #1 to the Detroit Pistons, it’d appear that Cleveland could up selecting either Evan Mobley or Jalen Green with their pick following the Houston Rockets’ selection at #2.

Now, as an aside, the Cavs could reportedly be open to trading that #3 pick, along with Kevin Love and/or perhaps I’d think a promising young piece such as Collin Sexton or maybe Darius Garland in exchange for an established star.

But Sexton, although I’m probably higher on him than most it seems and don’t at all discount his scoring polish, competitiveness and for the most part, durability, could appear to be more likely moved of those two guards. That’s with him set to be extension eligible also.

In relation to a potential star that Cleveland could perhaps target while moving their pick as part of a package, I’d stay away from Ben Simmons personally, given his lack of shooting progression. And while it’s unclear currently if he could be available, given the New Orleans Pelicans’ dysfunction, to piggyback off of’s Chris Fedor suggestion, perhaps Brandon Ingram could be available via trade eventually?

Again, we’d have to see on that though, and I have my doubts, but Ingram would be a trade target I’d be on-board with for Cleveland, conversely.

Nonetheless, I’d still more so expect the Cavaliers to end up taking their pick at #3, of which Fedor anticipates the Cavs will end up doing so too, seemingly.

That’d be the right approach I believe, and I’d prefer Cleveland keep Sexton around and try to work things out with him/his camp over time, and for Cleveland to add more to their young core with him, Garland, Isaac Okoro and Jarrett Allen, who could very well stick around still. But we’ll have to see with Sexton and the Cavs have reportedly “begun to explore trade options” involving him, per Jeremy Woo of Sports Illustrated.

Anyhow, circling back to Mobley and Green, with the Cavaliers’ 2021 NBA Draft pick, I’d be elated to have either.

Mobley, while the perimeter shooting needs to further develop, does have a heck of a handle for a 7-footer, is so versatile on defense, has big-time playmaking potential and I do believe could work well with Allen if Cleveland allows the two to get playing time together.

Regarding Green, he does need to gradually improve defensively and similarly to Mobley, does need to get stronger in the near future; he’s 180 pounds currently, whereas Mobley is 215, on the subject.

With Green though, he projects as a legitimate three-level scorer that can create space effortessly, and even with the shooting somewhat streaky currently, he’s come a long way there. There’s been playmaking improvements too, albeit that will have some growing pains.

In any case, while either Mobley or Green could very well get their share of PT with Sexton, I’d still think for Green personally for a solid chunk of next season, to go with Garland and say, Kevin Love, if he’s around, and/or others, Dean Wade could fit great with either, too. His off-ball style could really help both, I believe, and Wade at times with Mobley would be an intriguing frontcourt duo for spurts/stretches.

Wade should mesh well with the Cavs’ #3 pick, that being Mobley or Green in that realm, in particular.

When considering the possibilities to come with Cleveland seemingly being in-line to potentially select either Mobley or Green, a quality off-ball/catch-and-shoot player, and solid defender in Wade for stretches is a guy I’d think would fit especially well with either. I’m not saying he wouldn’t necessarily with Jalen Suggs, but I’d just rather the Cavaliers end up going with either of Mobley or Green, both of whom I believe have higher upside.

Getting that out there, in relation to Mobley, for spurts at least, I could foresee him and Wade being an interesting pairing in the frontcourt, with how Mobley is a gifted passer with nice post-up feel and I’d expect to have a good chemistry with Wade, a legit spot-up guy. Wade hit 36.6 percent of his 3.4 three-point attempts last season in a rotational role, and he’s a quality cutter/finisher.

And regardless of if Kevin Love sticks around through next season and/or Larry Nance Jr., who has been a player that’s been in trade rumors previously too, I do think Wade should again get his share of opportunities with how he’s a seamless fit with a variety of players.

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With Mobley, I could foresee Wade and him, particularly if Mobley can show more positive shooting signs, being players that have a promising 4-5 two-man game.

That’s with Mobley having vision to hit a variety of passes, and with him having guard-like driving ability to then hit shooters on the outside. Plus, Wade has shown quality feel in timing up his cuts, too.

Defensively, that duo, could provide a wrinkle on that end in varying lineups, in addition, with Mobley’s versatility and shot blocking timing (2.9 blocks per game at USC in his one season), and Wade proving to do a decent job actually at containing drivers and pull-up threats typically.

From there, in the scenario that the Cavs ended up drafting Green, the G League Ignite product, his scoring gravity would clearly provide Cleveland with another gifted scorer on the perimeter regularly, something that, from an on-ball threat standpoint, is needed.

Green having 17.9 points per outing in the G League bubble for such a young player shouldn’t be discounted, in that realm.

Green would take burden off of Garland and Sexton (if he’s around), seemingly, and I’d think if his playmaking can continue to progress, of which there’s been encouraging signs, he could help them get more off-ball looks. That’s at least with his on-ball/pull-up/shot creation and driving abilities.

Albeit as we’ve hit on with Wade, with him looking to be a highly capable catch-and-shoot threat, I’d imagine he could fit really well playing off of a player that’s such a gifted shot creator/driver in Green that could put so much pressure on defenses.

And whether or not he’d be in with Nance or Allen, with Green some in pick-and-roll operation with either of those as screeners, Wade could be a regular perimeter outlet for him when defenses collapse. Or Wade could end up having a budding chemistry with Green himself as an occasional rolling target, or as a pick-and-pop target.

So, all things considered, while Mobley or Green would likely aid other Cavs, as we’ve hit on, I’d imagine that Wade is one that could mesh so well with either right from the jump, based on the reasons stated. That’s with me thinking he should stick around, even while his contract for the next two coming seasons is non-guaranteed; he really gave Cleveland a boost often in his minutes last season.

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Wade could aid Green in the defensive rotating sense too, also, for what it’s worth.