Cleveland Cavaliers: 3 ways FA target T.J. McConnell would help CLE

Indiana Pacers guard T.J. McConnell handles the ball. (Photo by Russell Isabella-USA TODAY Sports)
Indiana Pacers guard T.J. McConnell handles the ball. (Photo by Russell Isabella-USA TODAY Sports) /
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T.J. McConnell, Cleveland Cavaliers
Indiana Pacers guard T.J. McConnell shoots the ball. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

#3: McConnell would help the Cavs as a pull-up/push shot/floater player

Lastly, while McConnell is not a three-point shooter per se (a 32.7 percent shooter from there on just 0.7 attempts per outing lifetime), he is a good pull-up shooter in the mid-range and can make things happen on drives.

For his career, McConnell has hit 48.6 percent of his shot attempts from 10-16 feet on a frequency of 24.2 percent, and most of those have been via pull-ups, seemingly. Last season, that clip was a tremendous hit rate of 55.4 percent on a 18.8 percent frequency.

So, although mid-range shots aren’t ideal in today’s league, McConnell being such a polished mid-range shooter and efficient in that area could still lead to quality possessions for Cleveland, in which he could very well can in-rhythm looks.

That sort of thing could help steady the offense, whereas with Dellavedova, his basically complete lack of shooting could unfortunately hamper his impact when he was available, and McConnell’s mid-range touch only aids him further as a playmaker and pick-and-roll ball handler.

As a PnR scorer last season, he placed in the 72nd percentile, per Synergy Sports, and on a frequency of 32.9 percent, had a field goal percentage of 55.7.

Along with the mid-range touch though, McConnell is a pretty capable push shot/floater player, and also with the PnR abilities factored in some, the veteran has hit 49.5 percent of his shot attempts from 3-10 feet on a frequency of 26.3 percent over his six seasons. Furthermore, in his last two seasons, he’s hit 57.0 and 54.5 percent of his shot attempts in that area on a 24.3 and 34.1 percent frequency.

So, clearly, while again he’s not a three-point shooter, with the polish McConnell has a pull-up threat in the mid-range and with his great touch on push shots/floaters and at times fadeaways here and there, he could provide some bench scoring game-to-game for Cleveland, too. That again could help take some pressure off of Garland, and Sexton to a degree, for that matter.

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Moreover, to me, the 29-year-old McConnell, who had 8.6 points, 6.6 assists and 3.7 rebounds in 26.0 minutes per outing last season with Indiana, would be a heck of a free agent acquisition that’d really make things happen off the bench.