Cavs: Collin Sexton’s tweet shows how he’s always locked-in

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton dunks the ball. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton dunks the ball. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The maniacal work ethic of Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton has played a significant role in his successes, and how he’s shown growth season-to-season.

Sexton does still needs to show further progression in relation to his passing vision to maximize his scoring abilities, objectively, but he’s gotten better in that realm. Sexton’s work ethic has also factored into him solidifying himself as a quality three-point shooting threat, at least via catch-and-shoots.

That was not the narrative coming into the NBA, as Sexton was a fairly hesitant shooter from range, and had only knocked in 33.6 percent of his three-point attempts in his lone collegiate season at Alabama. Thus far through seasons, Sexton has connected on 38.5 percent from deep, respectively, with Cleveland.

I would like to see more volume from him looking onward from three, albeit his true shooting rate of 57.3 percent in 2020-21, a season when he had 24.3 points per outing, was notable still.

In regards to the passing growth, Sexton had, and for more so a secondary playmaker too, a more than fine 4.4 assists per outing. His assist rate was 22.2 percent, for further context.

Anyway, with what Sexton’s shown, with him being for the most part, very durable, and with the example he sets for those around him, it would seem there’s a good possibility that Sexton ends up being locked up long-term this offseason. He’s extension eligible, and while we’ll have to see, Sexton has warranted a sizeable extension, from my perspective.

The guy is only 22, too, and though he does need to show continued growth, especially with team defense, and he does need to improve his handle, Sexton’s just getting started.

The commitment to the game for Collin is truly of the rare variety, too, as we hit on. On that subject, this recent tweet from him/video shared on Friday reiterated how it’s always basketball, basketball and more basketball for Sexton.

Sexton’s always locked-in for the Cavs.

This sort of tweet/video shared has me pumped as a fan of the Wine and Gold to see how Collin can follow up his 2020-21 campaign, which was an impressive one.

Though it of course didn’t end up playing out, Sexton did have a legitimate All-Star case earlier on, and as was demonstrated in the above clip/video montage, he had his share of highlight moments. Cleveland’s first outing in a thriller against the Brooklyn Nets was one of those, for example.

In that one, he ended out with a career-best 42 points, and had 22 of those points in the two overtime periods in that W. He at one point had 20 straight points in those between those two OTs, too.

Additionally, though again he doesn’t have the vision of a more capable playmaker in Darius Garland, or Matthew Dellavedova perhaps, and is wired to score first, Sexton’s passing did make considerable strides in Year 3.

I’d expect to see him improve in that regard looking onward too, and hopefully, Cleveland can have more consistency shooting-wise around him next season to benefit him in the driving/pull-up sense and as a secondary playmaker.

In any case, we’ll again have to see if a sizeable extension does play out this offseason for Collin, but with what he’s shown in relation to his progression, off-ball growth and passing improvements, I’m elated to see Sexton hopefully take another step forward in Year 4.

And as the aforementioned Twitter video/clip shows, that sort of thing from him and the message behind it of his Year 4 already being “activated” highlights how Collin’s always locked-in and ready to hoop.

In relation to that, the work ethic is something else for him, as for reference, the Cavaliers 2020-21 campaign just ended last Sunday.

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For the Young Bull, it’s about basketball, first, second and third. And that sort of example set by him one would imagine rubs off on other guys, such as Garland and Isaac Okoro.