Cavs draft: 3 potential career outcomes for Jalen Green with CLE

G League Ignite guard/wing Jalen Green shoots the ball. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
G League Ignite guard/wing Jalen Green shoots the ball. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /
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Jalen Green, Cleveland Cavaliers
Guard/wing Jalen Green of the G League Ignite looks to make a play. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

#2: Green proves he should’ve been the first pick, looks to be a franchise-altering player for the Cavs

A second outcome for the young guard if he’s potentially drafted by the Cavaliers would be that he proves that he should’ve been the number 1 overall pick. Say that happens and he proves he could start for the Cavaliers and they start to look at him as a franchise-altering player.

That’s a huge possibility for Jalen Green judging by his numbers and stature in the NBA G League as a 19-year-old that didn’t play at all in college.

Jalen could very well have the potential to steal a starting spot for this team if he comes out the gates hot and competes for a Rookie of the Year-type season. It would be a challenge deciding between Collin or Jalen for a starting spot in that case, but if the Cavaliers decide to go for Green they would still be in a great place at the shooting guard position, needless to say.

Perhaps the three, also including Garland, could end up playing together for stretches though, albeit Green is only listed at 178 pounds currently and will need to gain functional weight.

Granted, from my perspective, drafting Green would be a somewhat questionable pick unless Cleveland already has a plan for moving a current player or guard, as it’s pretty risky even Jalen Green could be a solid asset on any team. A possible trade could be down the road, at least and/or at some point next season; we’d have to see there.

Regardless, with how talented Green is and with his handle, scoring package and unreal athleticism, he has the makings of a franchise-altering player and could have superstar potential for the Cavs, it seems.