Why Collin Sexton is the Cavs’ best player currently

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have had their share of struggles, as we know, regardless of injury issues. Cleveland has a few very promising young pieces, though, such as the likes of Darius Garland, Collin Sexton and Jarrett Allen, and each appear to be core pieces.

So who seems to jump out as Cleveland’s best player on the current roster, then, having a positive outlook?

From my perspective, Sexton’s clearly the Cavs’ best player currently.

This will likely not come as a surprise, but Collin is without a doubt the Cavaliers’ best player currently. He gives them their best chance at being relevant when it comes to potentially the Eastern Conference Playoffs potentially in coming years, realistically.

Collin’s production on what is a struggling at best offense has been impressive. He is currently averaging 24.0 points and 4.1 assists per game. His scoring tops the team with Darius Garland in second, averaging 16.2 points per game.

Collin’s progression has been encouraging to watch. He has shown improvement in every single season. He may not be a #1 go-to option for a contender, but you can’t completely write it off with his improvement he’s made every season. Since his rookie season, he’s increased his scoring by about 4 points in every season so far.

He also has increased his assists from 3.0 per game in his first two seasons to 4.1 per game this season. This isn’t a huge leap by any means but considering Garland has been the main facilitator on the team this year it’s noteworthy.

You could argue that Cavs head coach J.B. Bickerstaff has had some say in improvements in Sexton’s production, but you could also argue that the offense is potentially holding him back.

They’ve been one of the worst offenses in the league in regards to offensive rating all season, and while injuries haven’t helped in that regard, such as to Kevin Love for most of the year thus far, the offense has again, had its share of issues.

The Cleveland Cavaliers currently have the league’s lowest offensive rating, for further context. And for a player that needs the ball in his hands to contribute most efficiently, and as the team’s best scorer you’d imagine having more accurate shooters would help, anyhow.

The team’s offense has been a disaster as a whole, but adding talent in the near future, such as perhaps an electric scorer in 2021 NBA Draft prospect Jalen Green, should also help. And in regards to three-point shooting, there’s not a single shooter on the team who shoots over 40.0 percent from deep this season.

Sexton has really struggled from deep in his past seven-to-eight or so games, which has led to his season average getting down to 36.4 percent overall, after he had been hovering right near that mark for most of the way.

But in any case, for now, Collin Sexton is undoubtedly the Cleveland Cavaliers’ #1 option and their best player. He has the capabilities to take over games and potentially lead a potent offense in the future if they can add the right pieces around him.

It’s also worth noting Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen have had underrated seasons in my opinion and look like solid pieces going forward. And Larry Nance Jr., when he’s been healthy, has made quite the all-around impact.

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That being said, I still think Sexton’s ceiling is the highest on the team and that he’s the most talented player on the roster with consistent improvement every season.