Cavs: Despite reports, it’s difficult to foresee Andre Drummond buyout

Cleveland Cavaliers big Andre Drummond celebrates after scoring in-game. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers big Andre Drummond celebrates after scoring in-game. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Based on rumors/reports from last week, of which you can view more on here, it would appear that the Cleveland Cavaliers will look to trade Andre Drummond. That’s at least by the NBA’s March 25 deadline to do so.

The Cavs recently acquired Jarrett Allen via trade from the Brooklyn Nets, and while he’s due to be a restricted free agent this upcoming offseason, one would assume the Cavaliers will lock him up to a long-term deal. That’s via different deal or eventually matching an offer sheet; either way, Allen is Cleveland’s long-term answer at the starting 5.

With Drummond, though, he’s done an admirable job for Cleveland this season, especially with how the Cavs have often been so depleted by injuries. On the season, Drummond has had what would be a career-best 18.7 points, a league-leading 14.6 rebounds, 1.4 blocks and 1.4 steals per game.

And to Drummond’s credit, the effort has been there game-to-game, which has aided the Cavs’ efforts.

But even with Drummond looking to be a key player at the moment, with him set to be an expiring player, it’s understandable that the Cavs feasibly look to get an asset/asset(s) for his services via trade. The Cavs could perhaps just eventually choose to keep Drummond past the deadline, and let him walk in the offseason, albeit that doesn’t appear nearly as likely.

Per a report from Jason Dumas of KRON 4 News, who reported how the Cavs and Nets are in trade discussions involving JaVale McGee, also reported how the Nets are interested in Kevin Love, but generally how Drummond and Love “could both be moved,” seemingly at some point. For more reported details involving McGee, though, who is only set to make $4.2 million, you can view those here.

From there, though, considering the complications involved, as was anything but shocking, Brian Lewis of the New York Post reported how the Nets actually trading for Love is unlikely.

But this report from Dumas about Love/when he’s healthy going to the Nets/or other contenders, with him currently set to be on the books, including this season for $91.5 million over this and the next two seasons, would seem to be beyond far-fetched, anyhow.

Dumas even went back on that, per this report, involving Love.

Love could at some point potentially moved by the deadline, but we’ll have to see, albeit we’ve seen the Love trade rumors many times over.

Circling back to Drummond, though, recent reports/rumors suggest that he could be bought out by Cleveland. Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer reported that the Nets are hoping Drummond is eventually bought out by the Cavs, but did state that’s not likely so long as the Cavs remain in postseason contention.

In addition, Zach Harper of The Athletic (subscription required) reported that when examining potential buyout candidates, that it’s “a matter of time” before Drummond gets bought out, and “joins up” with Brooklyn. Harper then reported how his sources told him about that regarding Drummond following the James Harden-centric trade to Brooklyn.

Harper could touch on how Drummond will seemingly have to buy into being a screener/rebounder/rim-runner, though, and with the Cavaliers, with the amount of post touches and even green light to allow him to drive they’ve given him, that’d be a huge contrast.

That sort of thing, along with Drummond seeming to be bought-in with the Cavs, leads me to believe he won’t be bought out, however.

Despite recent reports/rumors, it’s tough to foresee the Cavs buying out Drummond.

Considering Drummond picked up his player option of $28.8 million for this season before the campaign, it’s difficult to foresee him potentially agreeing to give up some of what he’s owed for the year.

It’s not like Drummond has been miserable with the Cavs. You can just see in games, that he’s been 100% bought-in, and Cavs head coach J.B. Bickerstaff has given Drummond the freedom to, frankly, do even too much on ball. Would he be able to bring the ball up the floor in secondary transition with the Nets, or potentially other squads, and seemingly freelance to make plays for himself or others coast-to-coast?

I wouldn’t expect the light to be close to as green, if you will, in that realm for Dre.

And one would assume the likes of James Harden, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, in the Nets’ case, wouldn’t be thrilled about that, or necessarily in settled offense close to as much as it’s been allowed for him in settled offense. The same goes for the Boston Celtics and perhaps the LA Clippers, both of whom, Harper suggested, in theory, could be interested, but nearly as much as in Brooklyn’s case.

Now, we haven’t seen Drummond with Jarrett Allen on the roster much, though. But when you consider, albeit injuries have obviously played into it, that Bickerstaff has been more than willing to play two 5’s at the same time for Cleveland, I could foresee them getting burn together in spurts, anyway.

Moreover, with Drummond, looking onward, we’d have to see what a potential return could be for him via trade, but I just still wouldn’t expect, with the freedom he’s been given by Bickerstaff/the Cavs, that he’ll just forego this situation and be bought out.

Perhaps the Cavs again could look to keep Drummond still through the deadline if things are clicking, as a counter, anyhow, and look to have cap savings in the offseason instead?

I again wouldn’t expect that as much, but either way, Drummond I’d imagine would rather have more of a role with Cleveland, feasibly, with how Bickerstaff has often ran offense through him, for better or worse, and Drummond might want to be with the Cavs instead, going into unrestricted free agency.

I’m not meaning to discount these reports of a potential Drummond buyout, but I just simply wouldn’t foresee that being the case.

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Dre does seem to genuinely be bought-in with the Cavaliers, and while we’ll have to see how the dynamic will shake out, I’d much more so expect him to be moved via trade, with him expiring, if he changes clubs mid-season.