Three Cleveland Cavaliers players that will disappoint next season

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Kevin Love, Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Darius Garland (#10) celebrates with Cleveland big man Kevin Love (#0) in-game. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

The Cleveland Cavaliers are going to be focused on player development next season.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the youngest teams in the NBA going into the 2020-2021 NBA season. As of now, they rank as the ninth-youngest team in the league with an average age of 25.0.

Although team expectations may remain low expectations of certain individual players may be high. One reason a Cavaliers player may have high expectations coming into the season is they showed promise last year and their young age tells us that they still have room to grow as a player.

Young players the Cavaliers used lottery draft picks on like Collin Sexton, Darius Garland and Isaac Okoro will be expected to play to or exceed the value of the pick that was used to select them. That’s with Sexton, Garland and Okoro being top eight picks for the Cavaliers in the past three drafts.

As time goes on, more and more responsibility will be taken off of the shoulders of older players on the floor and in the locker room and it will be on these young players to take a step up and lead.

The second reason is with the team having former All-Star-caliber players on the roster, expectations of those players are high to play like they have in the past as well as be leaders both on and off the court.

Players like Kevin Love and Andre Drummond were All-Stars less than four years ago. They have the responsibility as veterans on a rebuilding team to keep the team in contention, albeit the trade rumors for both would seem to be there and have been recently for Drummond. But generally, those veterans must still know it is more important for the younger players to develop their games than the veterans to make All-Star teams.

With expectations so high on so many players, it is almost certain that a few players will not live up to those expectations and disappoint this season.

We’ll take a look at three Cavs players here that will into that category.

Next up, we’ll hit on why Garland will be one of those.

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