Cavs draft: 3 potential career outcomes for Deni Avdija if he’s 2020 pick

2020 NBA Draft prospect Deni Avdija participates in drills at the All-Star Borders Global Camp in February 2019. (Photo byJim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports)
2020 NBA Draft prospect Deni Avdija participates in drills at the All-Star Borders Global Camp in February 2019. (Photo byJim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Cleveland Cavaliers
Deni Avdija of Maccabi Fox Tel Aviv looks on. (Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images) /

Deni Avdija could be one of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ most promising players in coming years.

Deni Avdija, a 19-year-old sensation, is set to be selected highly in the 2020 NBA Draft out of the I-BSL’s Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv. Deni is set to be the highest pick ever out of Israel and could be the next overseas star we see in the Association, and perhaps for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers currently sit at 5, a spot Deni could very well end up at. He also happens to fill their biggest position of need.

Cleveland could use an upgrade at the starting 3 position, at least in the near future, for Cedi Osman, who has had his struggles in that role. Albeit Osman could be a nice bench piece for coming years.

Nonetheless, Avdija could be Cleveland long-term starting 3 option, and look to be that next season, with the high ceiling he appears to have overall, too. So what could be a few career outcomes for Avdija if he’s Cleveland #5 selection?

We’ll highlight those potential Cavs career outcomes for Avdija here.

The first is the best-case scenario, clearly.

Cavs potential outcome #1 for Avdija: All-Star point forward

Deni has all the tools you look for in a scorer. He’s tall, quick on his feet, can move with or without the ball very effectively, and has shown the potential to be a high level three-level scorer if he gets the opportunities and continues to develop.

His game has shades of Gordon Hayward to it, and more so in the latter stages with the Utah Jazz. His ability to shoot and make things happen off movement could turn Avdija into a go-to number 1 scoring option if his abilities can translate to the NBA, or at least a highly capable #2 option game-to-game. He can create plays whether it’s shooting, cutting to the rim or creating an opportunity for someone else.

Avdija has the typical skills that most European players have. They have great awareness of the game and know how to take advantage of defenses. Deni goes outside of this typical skill set, and is 6-foot-9 with notable athleticism.

This combination could be what takes him to this next level. and him being at some point down the road being a player that could average 20.0 points, in the realm of 6.0 rebounds and 5.0 assists per contest doesn’t seem far-fetched.

Now, Avdija is still raw and has not faced the toughest competition yet. He would have to grow and develop his tools, but he has the potential to do it. The Cavs also have the freedom and timeline to allow that room for development.

The Cavaliers only have one long-term player who is on the cusp of being a star, and that appears to be Collin Sexton, at least in the scoring realm. There is plenty of promise on the roster, but enough room for someone else to come in and blossom.