Former Cavs big Scot Pollard hits on a few bubble stories that didn’t get out

Sacramento Kings big Scot Pollard grabs a rebound. (Photo credit should read JOHN G. MABANGLO/AFP via Getty Images)
Sacramento Kings big Scot Pollard grabs a rebound. (Photo credit should read JOHN G. MABANGLO/AFP via Getty Images) /

The NBA bubble, while our Cleveland Cavaliers weren’t in it, was a resounding success.

It still stings a bit for the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ sake, given how well the NBA executed its’ Orlando-area bubble, that the Cavs weren’t able to take part. The Wine and Gold went into the 2019-20 season’s novel coronavirus-induced hiatus with a 19-46 record, though, which ended out as the second-worst in the league.

So one could understand from a COVID-19 exposure standpoint as to why eight teams, including the Cavaliers, weren’t involved in seeding games before the postseason.

Either way, the bubble worked out in impressive fashion on the floor, really. The 2020 NBA postseason was so entertaining, and while the fanless venues, aside from the virtual ones shown, were a bit strange, the product was excellent. Young players, such as Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets, shined, in particular.

Of course, LeBron James ultimately did, too, as usual, as he and the Los Angeles Lakers won their 17th NBA title in defeating the Miami Heat in six games. It was ring #4 for LeBron, and for more on what that means for his legacy, you can view that here, via KJG’s Robbie DiPaola.

Along with the on-floor product being outstanding for the most part, the league and the individuals in the bubble did quite the job in relation to COVID-19 protocols/the containment. That I’m sure was so difficult for everybody.

That said, former Cleveland Cavaliers big, Scot Pollard, who played with the Cavs in 2006-07, had a bit to add on a few instances that didn’t get out, if you will, from the bubble.

Pollard, whose formative years were with the Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers in a reserve/energy player role, and who was widely known as a character in his own right, hit on that on a recent pod.

There were some instances that didn’t get out, expressed the former Cavs big.

On a recent appearance this past week with NBA reporter Adam Taylor of the Celtics Blog Podcast, Pollard touched on a few instances, in particular, as h/t NBA reporter Brandon “Scoop B.” Robinson of Pollard initially said “there were some things that didn’t get made public really 100% happened,” and those are “pretty wild stories,” as Robinson pointed out.

A few that come to mind, with a rented house and an alligator story, for one, stood out from Pollard’s comments.

Here was more on that from Pollard’s appearance with Taylor, in relation to the rental of the house, as transcribed by Robinson.

"“This is a story [that] involved a rental of a house on the golf course and supposedly some were sneaking out to that house they rented to go hang out and have a good time.”"

This next story Pollard hit on in the pod appearance was really something else, though, again as transribed by Robinson.

"“Another one involved a lake and a player that wanted to go swim across the lake,” he said.“I guess there were some girls across that lake or something. And that player ignored the fact there were alligators in that lake. And that player was told by someone else: ‘Hey man watch this’ and someone threw something in the water and an alligator popped up and got it. And he was like: ‘Oh.’ Like he didn’t know there were Aligators in that lake.“We could have had some really bad stories come out of the NBA bubble, had any one or all of these stories had become public.”"

The fact that Pollard knowing this, who was a dude that had his share of unique hair styles and had a rare personality it seemed in his Cleveland Cavaliers days, is pretty funny in itself.

Pollard, who is a successful realtor in Carmel, Indiana now, as Robinson alluded to, seems to be a willing and fun podcast guest to have on, and this sort of thing just further proves that. Pollard had plenty to add on a prior podcast appearance with Nick Pedone of Pedone My Take of, for instance.

Pollard, who played spot minutes with Cleveland in that ’06-07 campaign of which LeBron James and the Cavs made their first NBA Finals, won a title to end out his career with the Boston Celtics in 2008. Pollard was a solid glass cleaner with 4.6 rebounds in 16.5 minutes per outing for his career, to go with 4.4 points and 0.7 blocks per outing.

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In any case, these bubble stories that didn’t get out publicly he discussed with Taylor again sort of demonstrate how Pollard is quite the interesting dude. It’s nice to hear that he’s seemingly doing well.