Cavs: Handoffs to Collin Sexton, Dylan Windler could be crucial for both

Cleveland Cavaliers wing Dylan Windler (Photo by Alex Nahorniak-Svenski/NBAE via Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers wing Dylan Windler (Photo by Alex Nahorniak-Svenski/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Larry Nance Jr., Cleveland Cavaliers
Cleveland Cavaliers big man Larry Nance Jr. high-fives Cleveland guard Collin Sexton in-game. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Handoffs should lead to quality looks for Cleveland Cavaliers perimeter pieces.

Looking at next season, I’d imagine that Darius Garland, Collin Sexton, Kevin Porter Jr. and Kevin Love should receive their share of handoff opportunities. That’d be logical for the Cleveland Cavaliers in settled offense, and would aid them in getting some chances going right into shots, drives for the first three, and pull-ups.

Of course, these four Cavaliers will get ample touches overall, and looking onward, while it’s uncertain as to if he’ll end up being in a starting role at some point next season, Porter will get starting minutes.

If he played under half of games on average in year 2, I’d be very surprised, and KPJ flashed tons of potential and had a healthy 10.0 points per outing in year 1 in 23.2 minutes per contest.

Swinging back, though, for Garland, Sexton, KPJ and Love, getting them feasibly looks off of movement going into handoffs at various times throughout games, but another player in that realm should be Dylan Windler.

Windler didn’t play in 2019-20 due to what would eventually be deemed a stress fracture in his left leg, but Windler participated in Cavs in-market bubble team workouts a weeks back, and seemingly made quite a splash.

If Windler can stay healthy, he could very well project as a knockdown shooter, and with a nice handle, quick release, and his ability to make things happen off screens/off handoffs, he could be a key handoff recipient, too.

And I’m not discounting Garland in that realm, who reportedly shouldn’t be affected by his prior meniscus injury, which seemingly was the case in year 1, to go with KPJ and Love (in the shooting sense).

Sexton is just another handoff threat that’s really worth highlighting here as a scorer, and a player that like Windler, will be much more looking to shoot. The other three in those situations, conversely, might be somewhat more inclined to look to make plays for others with the attention they’d draw from handoffs.

Handoffs to Sexton and Windler could be crucial for both as Cavs scorers.

First, we’ll examine why handoffs could be key for Windler in the scoring sense.