Cavs’ J.B. Bickerstaff expressed excitement for Cleveland sports alliance, and should be overjoyed about NBA/players coalition

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach J.B. Bickerstaff signals to his players in-game. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers head coach J.B. Bickerstaff signals to his players in-game. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach J.B. Bickerstaff was all in favor of a Cleveland sports alliance focused on helping combat social injustice issues, and rightfully so.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Indians agreed to form a Cleveland pro sports alliance predicated on helping combat social injustice issues a few days ago.

That was per a press release from the Cavs on Thursday, and it was outstanding to know that Cleveland’s three pro sports teams will be aiding in hopefully preventing social injustice problems in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio from this point forward.

It was encouraging to see the Cavs, Browns and Tribe come together to get something done and initiate having plans in place in that realm. That’s especially after what transpired recently in an awful situation involving 29-year-old black man Jacob Blake being shot four times in his back by a police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, of which you can view reported details on here.

For the NBA in that regard, it was understandable that the Milwaukee Bucks were the initial team to engage in a walkout and not play what was set to be their Game 5 against the Orlando Magic on Thursday in response to what transpired involving Blake. Other teams and sports clubs in general took part as a chain reaction eventually, too.

The NBA is going to return to postseason play after reported meetings discussing how to move forward, and is set to return on Saturday after the league and NBPA confirmed that would be when the postseason will restart. In that statement, both noted three courses of action in order to further push social justice initiatives, of which you can the details below.

Moreover, for the first course of action shown, the NBA and its players agreed to form a “social justice coalition.”

As seen above, that will include “representatives from players, coaches and governors, that will be focused on a broad range of issues, including access to voting, promoting civic engagement, and advocating for meaningful police and criminal justice reform.”

The other two areas of emphasis you can again view above, but anyhow, it’s a positive to know that the league and the players/seemingly ownership have agreed on courses of action to help put forth real, tangible change.

Swinging back, the same goes for the Cavs, Browns and Indians. That’s given their Cleveland pro sports alliance predicated on helping address social injustice issues/preventing such situations involving police violence, such as the one with Blake, in Cleveland/surrounding areas. Developing a direct strategy related to those is a major focal point for the alliance, most notably.

In addition, per the Cavs press release, the alliance will stress “improving the relationship between law enforcement and its citizens, encouraging nonpartisan voting activities and increasing the opportunities for quality education for everyone.”

Per the release, here are the leaders that will be pushing the alliance’s action forward from each team:

  • Cavs general manager Koby Altman and head coach J.B. Bickerstaff
  • Browns general manager Andrew Berry and head coach Kevin Stefanski
  • Indians president of baseball operations Chris Antonetti, general manager Mike Chernoff and manager Terry Francona

Groups and players of said teams will have ample opportunities to be a part of the process and being proactive as well, according to the press release.

Anyway, what recently jumped out to me was how J.B. Bickerstaff expressed his excitement for the Cleveland sports alliance, and I’d imagine the previously mentioned coalition should make him overjoyed, frankly.

Bickerstaff showed that on Thursday via Instagram, and props to the Cleveland Cavaliers and the two others. Bickerstaff should be all in favor of that NBA/players coalition, too.

Bickerstaff is a key member of a NBA coaches committee to help prevent social injustice in their surrounding NBA cities, and this Cleveland pro sports alliance is something that he fittingly will be a crucial member of.

The excitement that he seemingly expressed via Instagram a few days back fully stamped his obvious approval of that, and it just further proves to me that he’s going to do whatever it takes to push action forward and aid in helping prevent social injustice issues in Cleveland/Northeast Ohio. “So Proud” of being a part of this/’The Land'” is well said from Bickerstaff.

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That was essentially a re-post of a Cavs one of the announcement of the Cleveland sports alliance we’ve been referring to, but it again to me hammered home that J.B. Bickerstaff is going to be very actively involved. As a Cleveland Cavaliers fan and Cleveland sports fan, it’s refreshing to know that Bickerstaff is going to be really active in the community and seemingly already is, too.

That sets the right example for Cavs players such as Collin Sexton, Darius Garland, Kevin Porter Jr. and Kevin Love, among others.

So again, looking forward, with Bickerstaff being a key member of the league off the floor as well, and being on that NBA coaching committee in regards to helping prevent social injustice, the NBA/players social justice coalition should make Bickerstaff overjoyed, I believe.

The league/players coming together to aid in invoking real, tangible change and further helping prevent acts of violence toward people of color in our country is something I’m sure Bickerstaff is such a tremendous advocate of and will probably have a resounding impact in relation to.

In coming years, it brings me great pleasure knowing that the Cleveland Cavaliers have a head coach that’s going to be quite the leader both on and off the floor. The Cavs post-All-Star break leading into the hiatus and eventual end of the season for them had a respectable 5-6 record, and were sixth in assist rate and 10th in effective field goal shooting percentage.

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Looking onward, though, I’m sure Bickerstaff is going to be an invaluable member of the community and should be a key social justice leader, and the establishment of the NBA/players social justice coalition is something I’m certain made him overjoyed about.