Looking back at 3 great LeBron James East Semifinals games with Cavs

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LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers
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James obliterates the Toronto Raptors on May 3, 2018

The next game comes from LeBron’s final playoff run with the Cavaliers. In this series, the Cavs matched up against the first-seeded Toronto Raptors. It seemed that this would be a true test for Cleveland and this could finally be the year that Toronto finally dethroned the King.

That being said, in true LeBron fashion, he would crush the hopes and dreams of the Raptors. In just the previous game, the Cavs narrowly escaped Toronto with a win in a 113-112 victory, though that was a comeback effort.

This game was much different than the previous one, though. Seemingly still motivated by their previous home court loss, the Raptors came out looking for revenge and controlling the entire first half. It was still not enough as once the second half began, Cleveland took control and did not look back.

The game concluded in a 128-110 victory for Cleveland, a 2-0 series lead, and Toronto blowing their home court advantage in the series, which Cleveland eventually would win via sweep.

James went on to dominate this game as he has the reputation of doing in the postseason, and in particular, against the Raptors, a squad that he defeated three times consecutively with the Cavs.

He finished the game with 43 points while shooting 19-for-28 from the field, per Basketball Reference.

Also, with how James completely tore apart the Raps and had his mid-range fadeaway working in unreal fashion, along with the inside game, ESPN play-by-play announcer Mark Jones coined how Toronto was then to be instead called “LeBronto” as a result of the outing.


The shooting display of James in the second half was truly incredible.

Watching this performance was something else, and clearly, the Raptors were just at a loss in this one with James having everything clicking.

James once again put his passing skills and playmaking ability on display, too. He led both teams with 14 assists and had more assists than the rest of his Cavalier teammates combined. He pulled in eight rebounds, too. His plus-20 plus-minus was huge as well, and it was really nice to see Kevin Love have 31 points on 11-of-21 shooting, to go with 11 rebounds.

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Additionally, Smith had 15 points on five-of-eight shooting, George Hill had 13 on identical shooting splits, as did Jeff Green off the bench with 14.

Moreover, James was again, though, simply on fire.