Cavs: 5 guests who’d be awesome to hear from if LeBron James documentary were to be made

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#1: Stephen Curry

In my opinion, the guest I’d look forward to seeing on a potential LeBron documentary series the most would have to be Stephen Curry. In many ways, I’d consider Curry to be LeBron’s archenemy.

LeBron faced Curry and the Warriors four consecutive times in the NBA Finals from 2015-18, which resulted in the Dubs winning three of those instances.

It’s not as if LeBron hasn’t done his damage against Golden State in those instances, though, and James led both the Warriors and Cavs in the 2016 NBA Finals 3-1 comeback in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks per game, per Basketball Reference.

The following NBA Finals was drastically different, however, with Kevin Durant then on the Dubs as the ultimate difference-maker, and Durant would be a big reason why LeBron and the Cavs, who were then at even more of a disadvantage in 2018 with Irving having since been dealt, were swept.

To me, with Curry being one of LeBron’s biggest rivals in his career, if not the biggest, though, he’d be the player I’d like to hear from most in regards to a potential LeBron documentary.

Even as rivals, Curry and LeBron have such respect for each other, and I’d be especially intrigued to hear what it’s like to go against James in a Finals setting, such as from Steph, who did so four times.

Similarly to how players such as Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas talked about how unreal Michael Jordan was and how hard he was to go against, I’d really love to hear how going up against a player in a similar realm was from Steph regarding LeBron.

So if a potential LeBron documentary series was made at some point, who would be some guests you’d like hearing from the most, Cavs and/or basketball fans?

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