Cavs: 5 guests who’d be awesome to hear from if LeBron James documentary were to be made

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Kobe Bryant, Cleveland Cavaliers
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#2: Kobe Bryant

Kobe is no longer with us, which is still so difficult to come to grips with.

That being said, if a LeBron documentary were made at some point, I’d love to hear Kobe’s perspective on James, in terms of going up against the King.

Though we never got to see a LeBron-Kobe NBA Finals matchup, James and Bryant did still have some battles in the regular season, and just in general, I’d love to hear from a generational basketball player and basketball mind in Bryant just how special of a player LeBron is, in terms of skill set, how he has taken care of himself and basketball intellect.

I would imagine there’s plenty of footage documenting Kobe’s takes on LeBron, and in this sort of setting potentially down the road, it’d be awesome to hear from the late Black Mamba about how his mindset was when going up against a LeBron-led team.

Though LeBron and Kobe had different play styles, it seemed so evident that Bryant had such admiration for LeBron, just as the King had such admiration for the Black Mamba. Plus, it’d be so neat to hear if/how Kobe gave LeBron pointers in the time period that LeBron had been in L.A. up until Kobe’s passing.

Either way, though, with how intelligent Bryant was and with the charisma he had, it’d be really cool to hear some of his insight into his thought process when facing LeBron, what he found most impressive about James and/or how the two players’ legacies are always seemingly linked.