Cavs: 5 guests who’d be awesome to hear from if LeBron James documentary were to be made

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LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers
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#3: Dwyane Wade

Though it was much disheartening to Cavs fans, LeBron obviously went to play with the Heat via unrestricted free agency, of which was formally a sign-and-trade and Cleveland received back at the time, five future draft picks and a traded player exception.

Anyhow, though it still was rough to see LeBron really leave that first time in 2010, of which the Cavs couldn’t get remotely close to the same value back and it was essentially him just signing elsewhere, I’d love to see Dwyane Wade chime in about his good buddy in James. That’s again if a LeBron documentary were made at some point down the road.

Wade won two titles with James in back-to-back years, and with the two being so close, and having to endure being on a team that was seemingly so hated, I’d be curious to hear Wade’s perspective on how James got through a time when he was villain-like in those early times on the Heat.

Hearing about LeBron’s mindset in the postseason from Wade, and in regards to things such as key elimination games, such as against the Boston Celtics on the road in that Game 6 of the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals where he put up 45 points to go with 15 rebounds, would be really something for NBA fans.

I’m sure Wade would have so many juicy details to add about the King’s psyche overall, and probably some funny off the floor stories, too.